Luxury Vinyl Flooring: What you need to know

A room design will be boring if the styles are always on the minimalistic and classic sides of the black, white, and grey colors. When a room design involves the realistic, luxurious designs, that room’s value will improve in the eyes of other people. 

Luxury vinyl flooring is one of the elements to create realistic, luxury-types of designs in a room. Almost all luxury products require little to no maintenance, and luxury vinyl flooring or tiles (also known as LVT) is no exception. Furthermore, it can last for around 20 years. 

In this article, we’re going to look at the LVT’s strengths. At the same time, we need to know the weak points of the LVT. 

Apart from the fact that it requires little to no maintenance, the LVT is also friendly to the environment, given that the parts are containing recyclable materials. Even the smells of woods and natures are so evident and fragrant. So, even though the LVT can be found in some private bedrooms, we tend to find LVT more in rooms that are accessible to the public, such as the living room or lobbies in apartments. 

Another characteristic of the LVT we need to know about is their resistance to water. Since they can handle water bodies and moist well, we don’t need to worry about what objects we should place on top of it. 

For example, compared to other wooden-based floors, we don’t need to put in our footwears while stepping at the LVT. We also don’t need to worry about our pets’ footsteps, because the LVT leaves no traces of moistures.

If there are things that we should be wary of, those would be to place heavy things on top of the LVT and ensure sharp objects are not damaging the LVT. For example, it’s not wise to put a refrigerator on top of the LVT because many refrigerators tend to be heavy. Despite the many strengths and durability the LVT offers, it is, indeed, one of the most fragile flooring compared to the other floor types.

Any heavy things on top of the LVT can cause the LVT to crack. So, it’s helpful to ensure the things we place on top of our LVT are not exceeding the LVT’s capacity of handling the weights. Different LVTs have different weights and scales. Ideally, the smaller-scaled LVTs for more private rooms weigh lighter than LVTs for public rooms. Yet, it is always wise to ask the store that sells the LVT first before buying the LVT.

Even though the LVT is generally low-maintenance, the LVT can also be difficult to manage and maintain once sharp objects as in knives are damaging the floor’s outer “skin”. Therefore, the LVT is not suitable if you have ice-skating shoes with blades on below it. If you have them with you, it’s better to put the shoes inside other properties with more durable materials as well as more resistance to sharp objects.