What To Feel Regarding Shareholder Makeup Of Gannett Co., Inc. NYSE: GCI

New Media and Gannett Announce Shareholder Approvals of Merger Agreement

Gannett Co., Inc NYSE: GCI at https://www.webull.com/quote/nyse-gci major shareholder groups have control over the firm. Insiders also own a substantial number of smaller, younger businesses, whereas big corporations prefer to have owners. I want to see some insider participation, at least. Gannett is a smaller company with a market capitalization of US$ 234 m, which is why many institutional funds still radiate it. Our below review of corporate ownership reveals that the corporate was purchased by institutional investors. To read more about Gannett, we will zoom in on the multiple ownership categories.

Gannett Institutional Ownership 

Many institutions assess their performance against a local market index. Because firms that are listed in the main indexes are typically given more publicity. If you will see, NYSE: GCI retains a decent number of institutional investors. This will prove that the company’s reputation in the financial sector is quite high. However, one should be … Read More

Gone but not forgotten: River Oaks home a tribute to lost mid-century gem

Stephanie Tsuru was driving with her son-in-law when she had a wild idea: She’d heard about a beautiful new home, and she wanted to see it.

They turned the car toward Tiel Way in River Oaks and when they got there, sneaked up the driveway to get a look at the lush, wooded grounds and peek in windows. Tsuru wasn’t even house shopping, but she rushed home to tell her husband about her find.

“I knew Frank would love that house. There was an open house that very afternoon, so two hours later we were there,” said Stephanie of her husband, Frank Tsuru, CEO of both Momentum Midstream and Indigo Natural Resources. “I knew within two minutes of walking in the door that it was the place for us.”

The Tsurus, who lived in a similarly sized home in Memorial, made an offer and closed on 2 Tiel Way

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A Wabi-Sabi–Inspired Home in the Middle of Madrid

When editor Natalia Swarz and her husband, artist Armando Mesías, moved from the seaside of Barcelona to Madrid’s coolest neighborhood Chueca, they knew one thing for sure: They were bringing the warm vibes with them. “We wanted our home to feel a bit like a Mediterranean escape in the middle of the city center,” says Natalia, who is the founder of travel site and shop Hotel Weekend and content editor for Spanish fashion brand Loewe. Hailing from Cali, Colombia, the couple notes that their Latin roots are always present in their lifestyle and design philosophy. Natalia explains, “[We have] a hammock hanging in the living room, which was custom made by Verdi in Colombia, some palm tree drawings hanging on the walls, and the soundtrack is always music from Cali, Cuba, or somewhere in Latin America.”

<div class="caption"> The sleek kitchen stands in dark contrast to the rest of the apartment. “Armando loves to cook when we throw dinner parties,” Natalia notes. </div>

The sleek kitchen stands in dark contrast to the rest of the

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What is the Essential Importance of Leather Furniture?

Leather has always been a valuable commodity since time immemorial. It has been used to make lots of items, including luxury bags, watches, and even furniture. It’s not surprising to see as there are lots of advantages to using leather, especially as furniture.

Although we have synthetic and fabric materials available today that can perform a similar function, leather remains the go-to material as furniture. There is a reason why millions of people with reviews on UK ReviewsBird prefer this as their choice for beautiful and high-quality furniture. So, what is the essential importance of leather furniture? Here are the top ones that caught our attention.

1.      Quality

Leather has always been synonymous with premier products. Take a look around, and you will realize that some of the most expensive bags you can ever find are made exclusively with high-quality leather. Even top-of-the-line offices that wish to give … Read More