What is The Best Time Of Year To Remove Moss From The Roof?

What is The Best Time Of Year To Remove Moss From The Roof?

Remove moss from your roof

We often wonder what causes the moss to grow on roofs or singles? What is the best way to remove moss without damaging the roof? When is the ideal time to remove moss? And many more question arises in our minds. But before dive into this concept you need to understand that, even though moss looks cool and it gives a fairytale effect to the house. Besides, it can cause damage to the rooftop and you might have to hire a professional roofing contractor which might cost you a lot. If the moss growth goes unchecked then, it will more than temporary damage and as a result, you will be left with the only solution to ‘replace your roof.’

The answer to the second
question, what is the best time of year to remove moss from the roof? Is the
late winter to the early spring season. During this time, the moss growth is
considerably slow therefore it is advised to remove moss before the season
completely enters into the spring phase. Otherwise, it will more effort and
money to remove moss after the spring season.

Tips You Can Use to
Remove Moss

  1. Use a sharp object to scrape out the moss and algae from the roof, pavement, patches, and from the wall. Roofs are more sensitive to sharp and pointed objects there, you can use a shovel or wide surface object to remove moss.
  2. Use the solution of vinegar and bleach diluted in water. The purpose of this solution is to soften and weaken the grip or moss from the surface. Thus, it makes it easier to remove moss from the surface of a roof. Also, you can mix this solution with detergent.
  3. Many moss killer for roofs in a dry powder product range is available in the market that you can to weaken the grip of moss from the rooftop. Unlike scrubbing, dry powder makes the moss removing as easy as a spread or apply moss killer and wash.
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  5. To make moss cleansing stress free, many products have been introduced in the market that can make life easier.
    Mostly these products are referred to the spray-on. The significant thing about these products is, you just have to apply one layer and leave it on for 8 hours. During this time, the solution with removing the not only remove the moss, but it will also make the surface free from dirt and oily surface as well.
  6. The most effective and quick way to remove moss is to use a water hose. Not the regular one. For this specific, a reason always uses a narrow nozzle to remove moss with pressured water.


Moss tends to flourish
in cool a humid environment, therefore it is important to remove the moss as
soon as the growth period begins. There are two periods in a year to remove
moss, for rooftop, it is best to remove before the spring season. But for the
moss that has been grown on your lawn, it is best to remove it during the
spring season. This way the lawn will acquire more time to recover from the
damage caused by the moss.

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