What Does Your Birth Flower Mean?


There are a lot of people who love flowers but they do not know how they can choose the right flowers that will best fit their style and personality. For other people it’s going to be easy. They will just choose flowers that they think will work best for their needs and will work best for the type of design that they have in mind. What if you can choose flowers depending on your birth month? Wouldn’t that be ideal for you? You can get a shop that will provide online flower Toronto. There are some details that you can get about this when you check Tupalo.

First Quarter of the Year

Were you born during the first six months of the year? If yes, then you need to base your choices on the flowers that are assigned to each month:

  •  January – The flowers for the first month of the year is the carnation. They are known as the best choice for this month because they can really grow well while the weather is still cold.
  •  February – You can expect violets to be your main flower if you were born in February. Violets are known to be very colorful and vivid.
  •  March – A lot of the flowers that are available in spring will be in full bloom by the time that March comes. The main flower that you can count on is the daffodil.

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Second Quarter of the Year

  •  April – Daisy is the flower that is very appropriate for the month of April. The great thing about this flower is that its petals usually open when the sun rises and the petals will close when the sun disappears.
  •  May – One thing that you can expect about the lily is that this looks delicate. The Lily of the Valley is one of people’s favorite flowers and this is known to be somewhat expensive too.
  •  June – The most popular flower in the world is the rose and this is the birth flower of those who are born in June. The rose comes in various colors but most people would still choose to have this in red.

Third Quarter of the Year

  •  July – A lot of people may not be too familiar with the lakspur but people still like this a lot. This true blue flower is going to be nice and this is known to be a good sign of an open heart.
  •  August – The gladiolus is the birth flower that you can expect in August. This is known to be a striking flower that will surely get your attention when you see it for the first time.
  •  September – If you are familiar with the aster, this is definitely what you can expect. This is known to be very dainty and this is a flower that is given to show love.

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Fourth Quarter of the Year

  •  October – The flower that you can expect is the marigold. This is a special flower because it comes with a spicy scent. The golden petals cannot be denied too.
  •  November – The flower that will symbolize those that are born in November is the crysanthemums. This is one flowering herb that will be very effective in supposedly bringing luck to your home.
  •  December – If you are born at the last month of the year, you should be prepared to appreciate the holly most of all. This will surely represent the festive month that December is.

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