Tips for Choosing Your Living Room Furniture ~ Fresh Design Blog

Tips for Choosing Your Living Room Furniture ~ Fresh Design Blog

Buying furniture is a major consideration when wanting to turn your drab living room into that dream space you’ve always wanted. Here are some top tips to help you choose the right furniture to create your dream space and make it a room you’re happy with for years to come. 

The All-Important Budget

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Establishing your budget is crucial before you embark on choosing new living room furniture. Rather than allocating a single sum to the room, a more practical approach is to consider roughly what amount you’re willing to spend on various items.

Write a list of the furniture you need – do you need a table, new seating, a TV stand or new chairs – then try and determine what proportion of the budget you’re willing to spend on each area. There are sure to be some pieces of furniture that warrant a higher spend, such as a sofa that’s likely to be used more frequently than an occasional table, but it’s useful to know from the outset where you stand with your budget.

Space Available

When looking at what furniture you want in your living room you first need to be aware of how much space you have. Buying that beautiful couch you saw that takes up a quarter of the room is definitely not the best use of your money or your interior design talent. There’s no point in guessing the size or space in your room and, instead, VidaXL advise measuring the floor space before you go shopping. It’s also helpful to know the dimensions of existing pieces of furniture or other pieces you’d like to buy so that you can be sure they’ll fit into the space you have available. Woodworkers will often say measure twice and cut once, interior design alters that slightly, measure twice and buy once.

Colours and Patterns

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Budgeting and measuring are for many the most boring part of the interior design process, but they’re essential if your plans are to be successful. Next up it’s time to consider colour palettes and patterns and how your new furniture will work with the design. Think about your walls and any existing items in your living room and choose colours or patterns to either complement or contrast. If your walls are plain, for example, then a patterned sofa might work well in the room.  Unless you’re a fan of maximalist decor, try and avoid choosing too many bold and bright patterns and instead pick up to three colours for your room. You can always add pops of colour through the use of cushions or throws.

Furniture Planning

If you’re not sure where to start with arranging your room, think about what your centrepiece is. Do you have a stunning couch you’ve always wanted, a beautiful antique coffee table or is the mantelpiece the centre of your room? With the centrepiece in mind, you can now begin to fill the space and position new items around the room. Keep in mind aspects such as the position of a TV or lights when you’re finding the perfect seating points. Don’t worry if you don’t get it right first time – smaller pieces of furniture can easily be moved and repositioned. 


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Designing your dream living room can be overwhelming but with the following tips to start you on your journey, you can approach the project with confidence. That’s not to say you won’t have challenges along the way, but if you keep searching for the perfect furniture that fits your room, you could create the living room of your dreams. 


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