June 25, 2022


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The Beauty of Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting can turn your yard into a surreal, magical place. Darkness typically affords us the chance to enjoy our backyards and our landscaping in peace and tranquility. Many of us don’t want to have brighter lighting in the yard or garden. 

Outdoor lighting

Hiring professional outdoor landscape lighting in New Orleans is an investment in beauty and security for your backyard. When pointed toward a key focal point of your garden, outdoor lighting can not only show off the beauty of your landscaping elements but even serve to enhance security at the same time.

We prefer to enjoy it in a low light setting that allows us to relax and enjoy the evening, the fire, and whatever else may take place outdoors. Outdoor lighting also provides you more security and allows you to see better since your eyes don’t have to adjust to considerable lighting differences.

Installing softer lighting into the garden serves you well concerning the enhancement. A single spotlight, pointing upward toward a tree, or an element on your home such as a wall of ivy is singularly beautiful.

Add that same touch or two spotlights that cross to a water feature, and it will sparkle like diamonds in the nighttime light. Higher voltage landscaping lighting can create shadows and elements that will offer you less security by affording more places for an intruder to conceal themselves. If you use solar lighting, or low voltage lighting while giving you that enhancement, it brings you a soft and diffuse look to your backyard that will make your visitors sit up and take notice.

Along with security and beauty, low voltage landscaping lighting adds to the value of your property. With landscaping lighting, the curb appeal is significantly increased. The use of landscaping lighting to enhance a single element is well known, and using lower voltage is the best way to achieve that. It will make people want to see more.

You can even use subtle lighting such as solar or lower voltage lighting to light up an area such as an outdoor kitchen or to offer some subtle lighting to your porch or deck. It brings you enough light to work by, but still permits you to enjoy just the right mixture of shadow and light. If you’re concerned about areas that need brighter lighting, a mingling of low voltage, solar, and regular outdoor lighting can be used.

Landscaping lighting can also be used to not only enhance and draw attention to something that is part of your landscaping but also to protect the home residents. A low hanging branch, a small pond or pool, or a statute that is difficult to see late at night or dusk should be lit up to safeguard your home’s residents.

Landscaping lighting is among the most comfortable and most energy-efficient ways to brighten and beautify your property. The ability to effectively use low voltage or solar light to enhance your property means that you see not only a more beautiful outdoor area but also an eco-friendly and green living alternative. Outdoors becomes softer, more subtle, and infinitely more appealing when enhanced with low voltage or solar landscaping lighting.