Scalamandre Wallpaper: The New Yumiko Collection

living room with a art deco green sofa and the Sagimai Japanese landscape wallpaper by scalamandre

living room with a art deco green sofa and the Sagimai Japanese landscape wallpaper by scalamandre
Sagimai Wallpaper in the Yumiko Collection by Scalamandre

True to its name, the Yumiko Wallcovering Collection is as beautiful as it is versatile.

Scalamandre wallpaper has done it again with another crowd-pleasing collection of wallcoverings. Meaning “beautiful” in Japanese, the “Yumiko” collection is comprised of eight gorgeous prints in various colorways.

The prints feature the lovely landscapes and gardens of Japan, as well as confident geishas and raffia braids. Each one is a grasscloth wallpaper to create even more texture, richness and interest within this amazing collection of wallpapers.

According to Scalamandre, “Yumiko represents a journey, and by doing that also represents the beauty of hopes and dreams.”

Here’s a look at the eight showstopping prints in the Scalamandre Yumiko collection, all of which are available for 40% off right here on L.A. Design Concepts. Samples are also available, and orders of $200 or more include free shipping.


The Sagimai wallpaper is a whimsical print depicting a Japanese landscape of bonsai trees, in-flight cranes, blossoms and rolling mountains. It’s available in five colorways ranging from muted neutrals to arresting jewel tones.


Kyoto’s Striped Print Against the Contrasting Shikoku Wave Print (Both in the Yumiko Collection)

This striped motif is made of alternating grasscloth and raffia braids. Truly bespoke in nature, this organic-style wallpaper is unlike anything else out there. Kyoto wallpaper is available in six primary colorways.


Peaceful and captivating, the Shikoku wallcovering print comes in three natural tones: black, straw and seafoam. It illustrates a vast, rolling ocean made all the more textural against its grasscloth backdrop.


the nara wallpaper shown in three swatches of different colors, green, tan and beige
Scalamandre’s Nara Grasscloth Wallpaper

Reminiscent of a gridded inkblot, Scalamandre’s Nara wallpaper is organic in nature and contemporary in style. It’s available in three colorways (emerald, beige and gray) against a metallic base.


bedroom headboard against the geisha wallpaper print called yumiko by scalamandre
Yumiko Wallpaper by Scalamandre

The collection’s namesake print, the Yumiko wallpaper illustrates portraits of confident Japanese geishas holding umbrellas, fans and swords. It has a slightly antiquated finish that adds to its beguiling effect. Yumiko is offered in six earth tone colorways.


Yumiko Geisha Wallpaper Against the Hida Wallpaper

With the Hida wallcovering, you’ll feel as though you’re gazing upon a mountainous landscape bathed in a glorious sunrise or sunset (depending on your chosen colorway). Available in vibrant colors and neutral tones, it features a grattage-like painting technique that creates textural interest by applying paint and then scraping away.


the akita wallpaper shown as nine swatches of different colors
Akita Wallpaper in Various Colorways

This woven grasscloth wallpaper features contrasting colors in an abstract, striped motif. Akita is available in nine colorways ranging from soft neutrals to rich earth tones.


A small wooden table and stylish purple chairs set against the take wallpaper by scalamandre
Take Wallpaper by Scalamandre

Take wallpaper is modern yet timeless. It features a distressed look from a kind of ink-splatter pattern. It’s graphic yet understated – and available in three incredible colorways.


the kobe wallpaper shown in four swatches of different colors
Kobe Wallcovering by Scalamandre

Beautifully contrasting the rest of the Yumiko wallpaper collection, Kobe is a bold geometric print. It’s as captivating as looking into a kaleidoscope. Kobe’s four colorways include sand, fog, raisin and midnight.

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