Master Bedroom Wallpapers | 30 Ideas for Fall

Master Bedroom Wallpapers | 30 Ideas for Fall

We’re already halfway through September and Fall will soon be fully upon us. As the days become shorter and the nights get cooler, getting snugly in bed becomes very appealing. So, it’s a great time to think about revamping your bedroom to make it the cozy, peaceful, inviting haven you’ll need.

Once you’ve had chance to plan the practicalities of your bedroom remodel – perhaps you need new walk in bedroom closets, or want to install a different kind of flooring – you then have the fun job of deciding on how to update the décor.

And a perfect way (and actually the really easy way) to update your bedroom is to invest in a statement wallpaper that really reflects the personality and mood you want to create. In fact even if you’re not doing a whole remodel, simply updating the décor with refreshed wallpaper and décor accents will bring a new lease of life to your personal sanctuary. Here are some wallpaper accent wall ideas.


And because wallpapers are still a strong favorite with top interior designers there are now all kinds of amazing design and pattern options – whether you love fulsome floral prints, retro geometric patterns, contemporary abstract schemes or cute whimsical imagery, there’s a wallpaper out there just for you!

The world of wallpaper is immense so, to help narrow and focus your mind, a good place to start is to think of the color scheme you’re after. So, to get your design juices flowing we’ve put together our selection of some of the best wallpapers that compliment the colors of Fall.

Fall Color Trend 1: Biscay Bay

Biscay Bay is a “lush and elegant teal… inspires thoughts of soothing tropical waters, transporting us to a place that is pleasant and inviting.” Perfect for a serene bedroom matched with crisp white linens, clean chrome fittings, and also a great base for a contemporary coastal themed décor.

Living with Art by Seabrook

living with art

Bold brushstrokes in shades of teal, aquamarine and deep blue invokes the calming colors of the sea.

Sabine (Sonoma Collection) by Madison & Grow


Pretty teal floral sprigs, rather like delicate coral branches, drift over a deeper blue background for ultimate calm.

Athens by York Wallcoverings


Teal accents teamed with other key Fall colors in a pretty geometric tile pattern for a clean, crisp bedroom style.

Fall Color Trend 2: Stormy Weather

According to the team at Pantone, the Stormy Weather hue denotes “quality and luxury… it is a powerful blue-gray that is strong, protective and enduring”. Sounds like an excellent color choice for sophisticated, grown-up bedroom décor; adding accents in warm creams or light grays, and with touches of chrome or brass will keep your bedroom from being too dark and dingy.

Lattice by York Wallcoverings


This lightly patterned blue-gray wallpaper paired with cream and chrome creates a chic sophisticated look.

Alcyone by Trove


Floral patterns can sometimes be a bit, well, aged; but not this beautifully bold design featuring oversized lilac-gray blooms against a dramatic blue-gray background.

Macchine Volanti (Fonrasetti II Collection) by Cole & Son

macchine volanti

This unusual blue-gray wallpaper with magical flying machines would make a great talking point as part of a guest bedroom décor.

Fall Color Trend 3: Reflecting Pond

Our Fall color choices includes another dark blue – this one is called Reflecting Pond and is more of a deep navy shade than gray. It’s a tone that is “contemplative and composed… a cooling blue that… speaks to the need for stability and security” – all great keywords for a calm and comfortable bedroom space.

Marianne by Sandberg


Songbirds and wild roses adorn the branches of this design creating an impregnable fairy tale forest around you.

Chochin by Grow House Grow


This sublime wallpaper design features delicate paper lanterns and twinkling stars against a dreamy deep blue background.

Sisal Stripe (Akita Vinyl Collection) by Zoffany

akita vinyl

This refined design from Zoffany uses the deep blue accent against a warm cream background to create a very assured look.

Fall Color Trend 4: Dried Herb: olive green

Dried Herb is actually a medium olive shade that you might not initially think of as an ideal color for a bedroom. But as Pantone point out it is an “organic shade redolent of nature’s earthy fragrances” that is perfect for creating a bedroom that has both toned-down elegance and natural comfort.

Leighton by Seabrook


This organic scroll design is almost sepia-like in tone and speaks of old world charm when paired with eclectic antique furnishings.

Grand Chateau 1 by Norwall

grand chateau1

Another nod to the past, this pretty pastoral Toile de Jouy wallpaper also features the soft pink shade that is another top color for Fall.

Tivoli (Lexington Collection) by Zoffany


Olive, dark gray and cream highlights are perfectly combined in this stunningly glamorous art deco inspired print.

Fall Color Trend 5: Desert Sage

I think that Desert Sage is a color that you’re either going to really, really love or really, really hate! The Pantone color report says that it is “a cool and soothing greenish-gray… timeless and unobtrusive, yet powerful enough to make a statement on its own”. But for some, it might just be a bit too cool, cold even. The trick for using it in your decor is to either layer it among similar cool tones or balance it out with carefully chosen eye-catching objects d’art.

Birdbranch Stripe by Timorous Beasties

birdbranch stripe

This super cool green-gray wallpaper is light and breezy thanks to its crisp, white silhouette floral design.

Alabaster by Seabrook


This very feminine floral design is delicately and beautifully layered with complementing green, gray and beige tones.

Hedvig by Sandberg


This modern check pairs green-gray with white, blue and olive tones to create a balanced, serene pattern.

Fall Color Trend 6: Oak Buff

For just about anyone, yellows and oranges are key shades for fall colors, and in our line up the yellow choice is called Oak Buff: a “mellow, comforting and warming shade that brings good feelings…. nurture and comfort”. it is a beautiful, nutty, golden yellow that is a gorgeous color to use as a feature wall in a bedroom to add warmth and coziness.

Butterflies by Timorous Beasties


This superb wallpaper from Timorous Beasties is the perfect expression of Oak Buff, and also features the vibrant purple that is another key shade.

Ophelia Cream by Graham & Brown

ophelia cream

Here a clean floral pattern in the deeper oak yellow is nicely set against a paler pastel yellow; pair with golden yellow décor objects for pretty layering.

Salvia (Kallianthi Collection) by Harlequin


And if all yellow is too much yellow for you, then this lovely naturalistic yellow leaf pattern on a white background is ideal.

Fall Color Trend 7: Cadmium Orange

Cadmium Orange is a little tricky to properly describe – I guess you’d say it was a bright, peachy, pinky, coral sort of orange. Like the Desert Sage shade it’s not going to be everyone’s favorite, but used in the right way it can be warm and welcoming and convey “optimism, fun and fantasy”!

Pippa Orange by Graham & Brown

pippa orange

This pretty floral pattern in peachy and deeper orange tones, teamed with gray leaves and metallic finishes will brighten up even the darkest bedroom.

Baby by Aimée Wilder


If coral orange makes you feel nostalgic for the 70s, then this is the wallpaper for you – contemporary designer Aimée Wilder specializes in nifty prints which often have a little retro flavor.

Jardin de Luxembourg (Toile de Jouy) by Manuel Canovas

jardin du luxembourg

This glorious Toile de Jouy is in a somewhat stronger tint than true Cadmium Orange, but it’s just so fabulous I just had to include it here!

Fall Color Trend 8: Cashmere Rose

Our list includes this rather lovely soft pink shade that neatly bridges girly femininity with grown-up glamour. It is a “luxurious… tactile and soft” pink that has a slightly cool purpley note that stops it from being too baby-ish. It’s perfect for creating a bedroom where you will feel both cocooned and spoilt!

Celia by York Wallcoverings


The soft pink and powdery lilac shades add graceful elegance to the precisely measured geometric pattern in this rather lush wallpaper.

Rosslyn by Farrow & Ball


This unusual floral motif in white and gray strewn on a soft pink background is both appealingly delicate and refined.

Cube Star by Jocelyn Warner

cube star

Another captivating geometric design that has been softened with a beautiful mix of soft pink, gray and plum shades.

Fall Color Trend 9: Marsala

This is a very good choice for your fall décor if you want to stay on top of the trends! This winey red-brown color is good for creating a welcoming space, giving your bedroom the “warmth and richness… sophisticated, natural earthiness” that is universally appealing.

Grand Chateau 2 by Norwall

grand chateau2

Sumptuous and mature, this deep winey color with creamy gold damask print wallpaper is the epitome of the Fall trends.

Elysium by Seabrook


If all-over Marsala feels a bit too heavy, then opt for a pretty floral design like this one where the deep maroon is a key accent shade.

Scenic Woodland (Ashford House Silhouettes) by York Wallcoverings

scenic woodlands

Or keep things light by paring Marsala tones with a quirky modern woodland, pastoral print.

Fall Color Trend 10: Amethyst Orchid

This final color for Fall is, for me, the most exciting. Amethyst Orchid is a fabulously bright purple shade that is “intriguing, vibrant and somewhat sensual… unique, bold, creative and exciting.” If high drama is what you want in your bedroom, and statement décor is definitely your thing, then this is the color for you!

Firth by Regal


It doesn’t get bolder than this! Combining vibrant purple, vivid aquamarine and gold in one brilliant design is seriously audacious!

Fontainebleau (Folie Collection) by Cole & Son


For a little less drama, but tons of creative delight, this amazing floral print is right on trends with several of the Fall colors at play.

Themis (Aegean Vinyl Collection) by Sanderson


Create the ultimate sensual boudoir with this design that combines jewel-like purples, reds, golds, greens and blues in a divinely seductive peacock feather pattern.

Which of these Bedroom wallpapers is your favorite? Please share your project with us today.

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