How much will mudjacking cost?

“Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.” Have you ever heard this quote before? How about this one? “A year from now, you may wish you have started today.” Good advice many would say. Especially when it comes to fixing things around your house.  Most people know from experience that procrastination costs you. It costs you valuable time and money.  When you put off changing your timing belt, it could cost you your transmission. If you put off trimming your tree branches it could cost home remodeling repairs if the tree falls on your house. If you put off getting your teeth cleaned by the dentist, it could cost you cavities.  We all know that if you put off eating properly or getting some exercise regularly could cost you your health! You get the picture.

A Small MudJacking Job Could Turn into a Large Job

Small cracks in your driveway or a ¼” drop in the slabs of your sidewalk needs to be addressed before the problem gets bigger, and the void underneath the concrete gets deeper. As the void gets deeper, it will cost you more money to fill it. We are experts in building homes as well as polyurethane mud jacking and when we come to your home or business to assess the project, we can also determine if you have a drainage issue that needs to be addressed. There are systems in and around your home that work together to create a harmonious flow of elements. If one of those systems is out of balance, it may affect other systems adversely. Lifting your concrete without addressing an underlying drainage issue will not fix the issue long term.

Poly Jacking Versus Mud JackingHow much does mudjacking cost depends on how large the void under the concrete is. If your wish is not to have it repaired again, choose polyurethane mudjacking to raise and repair your sunken concrete.

Our polyurethane product is made to withstand rain, snow and sleet and the heat of summer and cold of winter. It expands up to seven feet in either direction. Polyurethane weighs 2-4 pounds per foot versus traditional cement, dirt and water mud jacking that weighs 100 pounds per foot! Traditional mud jacking has larger holes and the process requires more holes (it doesn’t flow as polyurethane does). Poly jacking equipment is smaller and more versatile. The equipment can get to sidewalks in apartment complexes, between buildings, and the process is not messy like traditional mud jacking is.

Mudjacking Cost

Each project is different. The costs are dependent on how large the void under the concrete is. The best advice we can give is to get a quote for traditional mud jacking and our high-tech, polyurethane concrete raising method. In many instances, we may be a little more than traditional mud jacking but having your concrete lifted with Polyurethane foam means you won’t lift it again. Forty percent of the jobs our company does follow behind a job that had been previously mud jacked. We will also let you know if it would be more cost effective to replace the concrete rather than try and lift it.  And let you know what jobs we can and cannot do. We have built our reputation on being on time, being reliable, and being honest.

If you have a sidewalk, garage floor, patio, driveway, steps or basement floor that needs to be lifted, contact us and get a quote for polyurethane mud jacking.

This article was originally published in August 2015 and has been recently updated. 

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