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Maintaining your home is the key to a longer house lifespan. That’s why on a seasonal basis, it’s essential to routinely complete home maintenance tasks like cleaning gutters during the fall to prevent debris as well as sealing decks during the summer to protect the structure from the upcoming harsh winter weather.

To make this easier, you can invest in different items that help maintain your home. Let’s take a closer look at these items below.

Smart water-leak sensor

To avoid mold growth, properties have to limit their indoor humidity. Chicago and other states with continental climates tend to be humid, but it gets especially worse during the summer. Property owners risk mildew, infestations from dust mites, and structural damage.

New York Times took a look at the best smart water-leak detector that can measure temperature and humidity. The D-Link kit can alert property owners of plumbing problems the moment they’re detected via a loud siren and fast smartphone alerts so that the leaks’ source can be mitigated immediately.

Robot vacuums

Dust build-up can also attract mold growth, especially in the ductwork, and wear down the materials of the building. Vacuuming must be done a minimum of twice a week. This may sound frequent, but not doing so can cause dust build-up over time, particularly for households with busy working adults and elderly with back problems who may have difficulty reaching into tight spaces on the floor.

Robot vacuums can be programmed for specific periods. These smart products are capable of connecting to the wifi, and a high-quality robot vacuum cleaner like the Roomba i3 can even store data of each cleaning session. The mapping and dirt detection technology also allows the vacuum to accurately sniff out dirtier spots so that property owners no longer need to concern themselves with dust in difficult-to-reach corners.

Window cleaning robots

There are robots for cleaning windows as well. Adults of all ages no longer need to climb rickety ladders to reach dirt on high-up windows, which can accumulate and damage the seals of the frame. Technology like the Hobot Window Cleaning Robot can adhere to your window and convert water into a 15-micrometer-dense mist, which its ​​attached microfiber cloth thereafter dries. The machine stops automatically upon completion of cleaning as well.

Rain chains

When water pools on a roof, it can find its way into a home’s interior, where it can cause rot and mold infestations. A traditional rain gutter can typically take care of the problem, but not all homes have one built in.

In cases like these, homeowners can opt for a rain chain instead. A professionally installed and fully functional rain chain can solve your rain dispersal problems by cascading rainwater from the roof to the ground. The rainwater can even be saved for later use in the garden or to service an irrigation system.

Window well covers

Various destructive forces like rain, snow, and ice can collect outside your basement windows and increase the risk of flooding. Here, a securely covered window well can help shield your home and prevent any water damage to your home’s exterior. It can also lessen the frequency of cleaning debris from your window.

These wells and windows must be sturdily constructed not to leak, rust, buckle or crack under pressure. Window Well Experts have been pioneers in the field with 40 years of experience. With these products and our service, your house can be properly maintained for decades to come.

Written by Aleah Kristine Cullen
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