Custom Patio Misting System at In-N-Out Burgers

Custom Patio Misting System at In-N-Out Burgers

A road trip stop. A mid-day craving. A fun evening hang-out. In-N-Out Burgers has become an iconic pop culture destination and, arguably, one of the most beloved drive-thru/drive-in burger businesses in the nation. Established in California in 1948, the delicious bites are made from the freshest ingredients, with the family-owned organization placing high value on quality and customer service.

Did you know?

  • In-N-Out prides itself on clean restaurants, clean uniforms, and “never frozen-made fresh. That means each morning fresh produce and toppings are prepared, sliced and diced, for the day.
  • “The beef is “100% USDA ground chuck—free of additives, fillers and preservatives.”
  • In-N-Out locations must be within one day’s drive of their distribution centers for freshness.
  • Many locations have two crossed palm trees in front of the building. This is a reference to the founders love of the movie “It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World” in which buried treasure is found under crossed palm trees.

Fans have been known to sneak a Double Double on flights East because they are unavailable outside of the SouthWest. The cool kids flock after Friday Night Lights to hang out on the patio and cruise through the drive-thru. It’s the scene to be seen at as well as a social phenom that beckons teens and adults alike. But don’t let the long lines fool you. In-N-Out has a speedy production service that rivals logistical geniuses.

Koolfog was called by one of its prime locations in a seasonally hot climate. Our challenge? To design, configure, and install a custom patio misting system to help cool guests and employees on break. Koolfog’s misting systems can provide much-needed respite from the heat, but it has a cool visual element that creates a chill atmosphere. Koolfog placed its high-pressure pump (1000 psi) on the roof of the In-N-Out building with approximately 110 misting nozzles placed around the patio eves.

The misting system allows guests in the car drive-thru queue to enjoy a misted experience while visitors on the patio can savor a refresher with their meal and employees can take advantage of this outside perk at break time.


Misting and the Mystery of the “Not So Secret Menu”

Since its inception, In-N-Out has maintained a highly crafted, very simple, menu that they execute perfectly. With such tried and true consistency, the pricing remains affordable. With a reputation for preparing a cost-conscious, best-in-class burger, In-N-Out’s accompanying fries and shakes are also of the finest quality. But what of their rumored “Secret Menu”? It used to be that Californian’s not only relished in their proximity to their favorite burger joint; they also loved the “exclusivity” from being in the know about certain In-N-Out “secrets”. Patrons in California and the South West regions also celebrate their sunny days and there’s nothing better than dining outside, under the misters, at the hippest place with the most amazing fare. Now, the word is out on all fronts. But if you haven’t done so be sure to check out some of these “off-menu” faves:

  • Vegetarian? Order a grilled cheese.
  • Want a Side Salad? Enjoy a produce and spread to use as dressing in a Double Double wrapper!
  • Want to shake it up? Try a Neapolitan mixing chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry or a root beer float blending root beer with a dapple vanilla soft serve.
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