Curate a New Home Design With Help from Grace Mitchell of HGTV’s One of a Kind

Fort Worth native Grace Mitchell, the star of HGTV’s One of a Kind, has been curating her design aesthetic for much of her life. Mitchell started out with a design blog called A Storied Style and wrote for publications at night while her four kids, all under the age of 3, were sleeping. She continued to gain ground in the design world but often wondered where her projects would take her.

“When you’re a creative, there is no straight path to getting your work out there,” she says.

Mitchell’s process and client list have developed, but she never expected her work to be seen by so many people across the nation. One of a Kind follows Mitchell as she merges commercial pool furniture her clients’ individual stories and her own talent into home design.

Mitchell says her show is unique not only for her designs but also because members of the cast represent multiple areas of the industry.

“I get emails from people all of the country who say it’s so awesome to see someone who looks like me on HGTV,” Mitchell says of the diversity among staff. Mitchell says these members weren’t cast for the sake of the production.

“We were a team several years before the show,” she says.

North Texas shop owners make up a vital part of Mitchell’s crew. On the show, Mitchell visits independently owned shops to find pieces to assemble her designs. Relationships with shop owners around Dallas-Fort Worth fostered the commercial patio furniture distinct elements that Mitchell is proud to say cannot be found at Pottery Barn.

Mitchell offered her list of favorite shops in North Texas so we can curate our own “storied style.” Even if you’re feeling uninspired, these shops offer great ideas and an introduction to owners with a keen eye for style. Mitchell believes that “so much of the aura of going to these places are the people who own them.” If you’re ready to shake up your space after many months at home, here are the places to visit.

Simple Things Furniture Co.
7401 W. Vickery Blvd., Benbrook

This shop focuses on antique and industrial upholstery and furniture. If your space needs a statement piece to liven up your room, this is the shop to visit. “If you want something that is going to make a room, I would go to Simple Things every time… It is such a home gem of Fort Worth,” Mitchell says.

Benny Jacks Antiques
1920 N. Haskell Ave., Dallas

From furniture to small decorative pieces, this shop is excellent for finding all-around vintage treasures. Mitchell goes here commercial patio umbrellas for advice and suggestions. “Benny has been in the business for a really long time, and he has such a good eye for things,” she says of the owner.

Park + Eighth
4804 Camp Bowie Blvd., Fort Worth

Park & Eighth is a versatile shop with lots of funky pieces, both old and new. This may be the starting block for those feeling uninspired. Mitchell says this is a great place to visit if you aren’t sure where to start. “It has some things that are already done and some things you can put your own spin on,” she says.

Discount Home Warehouse
1768 Empire Central, Dallas

“When beautiful old homes get demolished, these guys will take out anything that is old and of value,” Mitchell says. If you’re willing to spend more time searching for the piece you have in mind, visit the Dallas design emporium. You can browse through tons of items to find the right piece to restore and reuse in your own space.

Old Home Supply
1801 College Ave., Fort Worth

If you like pieces in One of a Kind, you can probably trace their origin back to this store. “[It’s a] diamond-in-the-rough type place with lots to offer,” Mitchell says. “The people who own it are so knowledgeable about where things come from and what they are.”