British Male Voiceover Artists in London

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Choosing the right British voice over artist can be difficult. There is simply a lot that you should consider. If you are hiring a voiceover artist for the very first time. The following tips can help you choose the best one there is:

Go Through the Portfolio Properly

Each candidate that comes to you will come forward with a portfolio. Before you consider them for the position, read through their portfolio properly. The portfolio will highlight all their experiences to help you see if they did a satisfactory job. Before choosing a candidate, it is good to compare portfolios and see which candidate is doing the best job possible.

The Right Voice For The Right Audience

Not all audiences are appropriate for a particular voice. It would be best to consider your target audience before you start looking for a voiceover artist.  Understanding the demographic will help you understand the kind of voice you are looking for. For instance, if your audience is in the later years of their life, they would not want to listen to a child’s voice selling them a product or a service. To cater to them, you need an authoritative voice that is mature and sounds as if they know what they are talking about.

To Speak Or To Talk?

Many voiceover artists cannot differentiate between talking and speaking. It is your responsibility to identify what constitutes talking and what can be considered speaking. You cannot choose a voiceover artist who is merely speaking a combination of sentences as that may not make sense to your readers, and your audience will not enjoy the lack of chemistry between the audio and the video.

It’s All In The Details

Before you hire a voiceover artist, you must pay attention to how they deliver the script. The complete picture might look good to you, but the details can change the entire outlook of the script. If the details do not add up to a full picture, you might not enjoy the voiceover.

Casting Calls

A demo voice over is a must if you want to hire a professional. You can call multiple candidates for casting and review how they read through the script. This will make it easier for you to get a hold of the perfect candidate for your voiceover. Give your candidates short but versatile scripts to judge their voiceover capabilities.

References Matter

You can ask for references from people around you as some of them might have had a great experience with a voiceover artist and could point them out to you. However, do not trust the references blindly. Always call them in for an audition to ensure that they are the right fit.

Needless to say, hiring a voiceover artist can be quite challenging, so use the tricks mentioned in this piece to get the best one on board!