5 Benefits of Using Interactive Touch Screen in the Classroom


The effectiveness of interactive learning as a teaching strategy is widely recognized, and contemporary technology excel in engaging learners in more learning activities than ever. The main focus of iSandBOX technologies is on how touch boards are bringing group learning to a new level of engagement.

The most recent touch screens make it possible for all students to become more involved in the lessons being taught. These learning environments are user-friendly technologies that let students connect with the material, their learning, and with one another in novel ways through touch, gestures, and participation.

Exploring five advantages of interactive touch screens in classrooms

Nowadays, interactive touch screens are a common instructional resource in schools. They serve a variety of useful objectives, from helping teachers with lesson planning to boosting students’ confidence in their ability to learn. We’ve summarised the primary advantages of interactive touch displays in the classroom below.

Student engagement

Interactivity, including touches and gestures, significantly increases engagement, even when it comes to complex subjects. It can sometimes be difficult for teachers to keep their students engaged in the classroom, the work done, and the material provided. However, the very nature of interactive boards puts a stop to that concern and gives students the best resources to interact and engage with the material being provided.

Improved collaboration

The opportunity to have up to five student groups collaborating in real time elevates teamwork to a new level. Multitouch capabilities on interactive touch screens provide students with opportunities for literal hands-on learning. When interactive panels are set up, working in pairs is simpler for students.

Better accessibility

Students who need to move about and have difficulty remaining still at their seats are known as kinesthetic learners. People value being able to use this technology physically by standing up. Also, students with disabilities can get a full learning experience thorugh adjustable AR sandbox models.

Those that learn physically do so through touches and direct interaction with objects. With the use of this technology, students have the chance to actively participate in the classroom rather than passively listen to lectures from their desks.

Enhanced learning experiences

Why copy what other educators are doing when you can be different and provide your students an engaging, adaptable classroom that makes learning enjoyable and interesting? It’s the modern approach of delivering vital knowledge to students. Besides, interactive learning practices create positive experience that makes students mroe motivated to remain focused on studying during lessons.

Creativity promotion

A friendly and interactive study environment inspires creativity in students, helping them find new ways to learn and implement received knowledge. The more opportunities they have during the lesson to participate in it physically, the more new solutions they can come up with.

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