4 Motives for Foreigners to Continue Buying Property in Portugal » Residence Style

4 Motives for Foreigners to Continue Buying Property in Portugal » Residence Style

Portugal has been attracting foreign investors since the early 2000s.

In recent years, the country has become one of Europe’s most popular destinations for expatriates.

Many foreigners come here to retire, invest, or simply spend their golden years abroad.

However, buying Portuguese real estate isn’t as cheap as it used to be.

So, what motivates foreigners to continue purchasing properties in Portugal?

Here are four common motives behind foreigners’ interest in purchasing Portuguese properties.

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#1. Retirement

Retirement is an exciting stage in life. Many retirees plan to travel, explore new cultures, and live off their savings.

They often seek out warm climates and sunny beaches to enjoy their retirement years.

This is why many retirees choose to relocate to Portugal.

It offers a wide range of climate zones, from tropical to Mediterranean, and a variety of landscapes ranging from mountains to coastlines.

There are plenty of places to visit, too. From Lisbon to Porto, the Algarve region to Madeira Island, tourists can find everything they need to enjoy their retirement years in Portugal.

#2. Investing

Investors are attracted to Portugal because of its stable economy and low inflation rate.

These factors make investing in Portugal safer than investing in other countries.

Moreover, the country boasts a growing population, which means there is ample room for growth.

As such, many investors see Portugal as a safe bet for future investments.

#3. Family Life

Some families decide to settle down in Portugal after spending decades living overseas.

Others may wish to raise children in a European environment.

Regardless of the reason, many parents choose to bring their kids to Portugal to give them a better education.

For example, schools in Portugal offer English language courses, which makes it easier for students to learn the language.

Furthermore, the country offers affordable healthcare services, which makes it possible for parents to save money on medical expenses.

#4. Travel

Travelers love Portugal because of its diverse culture and history.

From ancient Roman ruins to medieval castles, travelers can find something interesting to explore every corner of the country.

Plus, Portugal is known for its friendly locals and welcoming atmosphere.

When traveling, visitors can easily connect with locals and make lasting friendships.

Overall, Portugal is a wonderful place to visit and live.

Whether you’re interested in retiring, investing, raising a family, or simply enjoying a relaxing trip, Portugal is sure to satisfy your needs.


Good locations in Portugal for real estate investment

Portugal has been attracting investors since the beginning of the 21st century. This country offers an attractive combination of low taxes, stable economy, and a growing population.

In addition, the Portuguese property market is one of the most dynamic in Europe.

This makes Portugal a great place to invest in real estate. Here are 3 good locations in Portugal for investing in real estate.

#1. Lisbon

Lisbon is the capital city of Portugal. It is located on the Atlantic Ocean coast. Its location makes it a popular tourist destination and also a very attractive investment option.

It is also known as the “City of the Seven Hills” due to its different hills.

There are several neighborhoods in Lisbon worth visiting are still good real estate investments. Some include Alfama, Bairro Alto, Baixa, Belém, Chiado, Estrela, Graça, Mouraria and São Jorge.

These areas offer a variety of housing types such as apartments, condominiums, townhouses, villas, and penthouses. There has been a surge in such areas and according to local experts, Lisbon real estate continues to be a major opportunity.

#2. Alentejo Region

Alentejo is a region in southern Portugal. It is bordered by Spain and the Atlantic Ocean.

Its main cities include Évora, Beja and Portalegre.

Many tourists visit Alentejo each year. They come here to see the famous Roman ruins of Mérida, the medieval castles of Monforte, and the beaches of its immense and untouched coastline.

These places are most suitable for real estate investments that consider calmness of the surroundings and sustainability.

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#3. Madeira Island

Madeira is a small island off the west coast of Africa and is frequently described as the pearl of the Atlantic or the Hawaii of Europe.

It is an archipelago made up of two inhabited islands: Madeira and Porto Santo.

Funchal is the capital city of Madeira. It is a modern city with excellent infrastructure and highly in demand by foreign investors. Most of the residents live in Funchal. However, there are still many empty houses in the area, especially the ones needing refurbishment. 

A good option for investors is to buy properties in Funchal and rent them out. They can charge higher rents than those in other parts of the country.

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