How will COVID-19 change home design? Architect shares thoughts

MANILA — An architect recently shared his thoughts on how residences can accommodate the demands of the “new normal” caused by the novel coronavirus pandemic.

In a recent forum organized by Enderun Colleges, Gelo Mañosa listed six “post-COVID world changes in residential architecture,” noting that COVID-19 has forced people to rethink the way they live.


Mañosa sees a return to traditional floor plans as opposed to the currently trendy open spaces, given the growing need for dedicated areas for work and other activities.

“The open floor plan which was pretty much celebrated and combined the living room, dining room, kitchen, and other parts of the house will change. Open planning will prove to be a hindrance for a home that shares things like office spaces, learning spaces for the kids, and entertainment spaces,” he said.

“A good example would be, ‘Dad’s home office can’t really

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The Best Home Design Apps for Android and iOS

Planning a new home or redecoration is an exercise in mental image projection: How will that sofa, armoire, or easy chair actually fit into your real space? Will colors clash? Will the new item look mismatched? Will it take up more room than the measurements imply and dominate the room? The optical illusion of complementary colors, size, and style often persists until you’ve taken the plunge and that particular item lands in your living room, kitchen, or bedroom.

Home design apps, especially ones that employ some kind of 3D, augmented reality (AR), or virtual reality (VR) to simulate your environment, can help avoid rookie mistakes and alleviate the anxiety of a large purchase by giving you another way to envision and double-check how a new piece will fit into your current decor. Here are a few of the best ones we’ve found.

Are you looking for a home-based fitness system

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A Compact Modern Home Nestled in the Australian Bushland

Two Sheds is a residential property located on 25 acres of bushland in the hills near Victoria, Australia. The final result, designed by architecture and design studio DREAMER, is based on the original design by site owners Roger and Jane Nelson. The Nelsons are beginning a 30-year project to rejuvenate the surrounding bushland and needed a home that allows them to enjoy family experiences while appreciating the surrounding landscape.

DREAMER was tasked with building upon what the Nelsons had originally imagined for the home’s design. The couple specified what elements from their original design they wanted to keep intact.

Their list included clear zoning between the private sleeping areas and social spaces, room to grow with the expanding family, and views to the hills and beach.

Two almost identical but mirrored gable-roofed timber-lined sheds compose the public and private zones of the house and are connected internally via a

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A good home design has a vibe, says ace interior designer Pulin Shah

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India] July 23 (ANI): Pulin Shah, a Mumbai based Interior Designer is driven by his passion for luxury interiors and lifestyle. Extravagant pieces of art, decorative lights, unique furnishings, and fine detailing add to his signature style.

With over two decades of experience, Pulin has mastered the art of design and creativity. He started his interior designing career with Car Accident Lawyers in Milwaukee the well-known Interior and Architectural Firm, M/S Talati and Panthaky Associated Pvt Ltd. With his dedication and enthusiasm, he prospered as an Associate in this company and established an honourable reputation in the interior design industry.

After a decade of appreciable work, many accolades, and remarkable experiences at M/S Talati and Panthaky Associated Pvt Ltd, he then joined Kiran Shetty Design Studio, as an Associate Partner. In his tenure, he transformed innumerable residential and commercial spaces across India, into spectacular visual delights that came

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