Timeless luxury textiles from Fells Andes — Design Hunter

Timeless luxury textiles from Fells Andes — Design Hunter

Soft, lightweight, warmer than wool, and more environmentally conscious and hard wearing than cashmere, baby alpaca is one of the rarest and most highly sought after fibres in the world.

Unlike wool, alpaca does not contain lanolin, so the fibres do not require the type of high heat processing that wool typically undergoes. This less intensive process means longer lasting fibres and a reduced impact on the environment. As a hypoallergenic material alpaca is suitable for those with wool allergies too.

Using these prized fibres and working with artisans in Peru, Fells Andes have created a collection of products designed to add warmth to everyday life and layers to personal spaces.

Their luxury scarves, throws, blankets and cushions are made from the finest grade of alpaca available, ‘Royal Baby Alpaca’. Of the thousands of tonnes of alpaca fibre produced every year only a small percentage is fine enough to be classified as ‘Baby Alpaca’, and of that only 1% is classified as ‘Royal Baby Alpaca’.

Timeless investment pieces designed to last for many years and improve with age, the textiles in the Fells Andes collection have been created primarily in natural colours. Alpaca fibre comes in more than 300 natural shades, so the need for extensive dying is minimised and where fibres are dyed Fells Andes use only low-impact water-based dyes to achieve the desired colour.

In a recent collaboration with Danish leather brand Sørensen they’ve also produced a beautiful limited edition leather strap to complement their luxury throws, making them even more covetable as a special gift or luxury travel accessory.

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