The Large Sectional Couch You Need at Home

The Large Sectional Couch You Need at Home

Today we’re featuring beautiful pieces that were made for cozying up with your loved one. While a regular couch will do for just you and your significant other, but when you have a big family or a large group of friends, you’ll need a sectional sofa to sit everyone. 

best Large Sectional 900x600 The Large Sectional Couch You Need at Home   20 Best Sectional Sofas

The large sectional sofas require quite a bit of space inside your living room, but if you have an open floor plan or a very spacious room, you’ll make do. Not only are they practical, but they’re also absolutely gorgeous! 

20 Large Sectional Couches You’ll Love

These 20 large sectional sofas will steal your heart, so let’s dive in and check out some of the coolest-looking oversized couches we’ve seen lately. 

1. Black U-Shaped Sectional with Ottoman

Black U Shaped Sectional with Ottoman The Large Sectional Couch You Need at Home   20 Best Sectional Sofas

This large sectional is absolutely stunning and we just love how it all fits together. The tufting on the sides and back of the couch gives it a traditional look. However, the straight lines bring this beautiful U-shaped sectional into the modern day. You can check it out over on Wayfair.

2. Mid Century Modern U-Shaped Sectional 

Mid Century Modern U-Shaped Sectional 

We found this gorgeous mid century modern U-shaped sectional by Christopher Knight Home over on Overstock and we fell in love with it. Everything from the color to how cozy it looks, it’s just a beautiful couch that would fit in most home, especially since you get to customize the pieces however you see fit. 

3. Futuristic U-Shaped Sectional

Futuristic U-Shaped Sectional

This Anarbek wide corner sectional is taken out of a movie set way into the future. It has an adjustable headrest, storage spaces, and the sides of the couch are illuminated with LED lights. It’s a stunning piece of furniture that we found on Wayfair.

4. Large Sectional with Recliners

Large Sectional with Recliners

We found this lovely L-shaped sectional with recliners and we kind of want it! Look how comfy that recliner looks! The Samperstone modular sectional may look like it’s made out of leather, but it’s actually polyester. You can check it out on Ashley Furniture and get it yourself. 

5. Circular Sectional

How about something more out of the box? We think this circular sectional could fit well into your home, and well, any home, really. It’s pretty simple as far as design goes, but more often than not less is more. We found this one on Wayfair and we couldn’t take our eyes off it!

6. Beige U-Shaped Sectional

Beige U-Shaped Sectional

West Elm starts us off with this gorgeous design. Hop on over and check out all of the fabulous selections that they have. You can literally build your very own piece with all of your wants and wishes. We just love this U-shaped sectional and we wish we’d have more living room to fit this one in. 

7. Lilac Gray U-Shaped Sectional

Lilac Gray U-Shaped Sectional

If you’re looking for something that is extra roomy with a punch of style, then this tufted beauty from Overstock may be exactly what you need. Switch out the fabrics to your liking and choose and tone that coincides with your vision. We personally really love the lilac gray U-shaped sectional will fit with a ton of other colors, so it may be great for you too. Otherwise, just switch it up!

8. Creamy L-Shaped Large Sectional Couch 

Creamy L-Shaped Large Sectional Couch 

Ashley Furniture has a piece that’s a bit smaller but still perfect for a big family – an L-shaped sectional. It’s more on the traditional side of interior design but one that will be versatile and fit into many homes. This creamy taupe is a wonderful way to start out your living room revamp.

9. Large Sectional Couch – Brown Leather

Large Sectional Couch - Brown Leather

Houzz showcases a lot of great inspiration and this peek was no exception. Going with an extra large sectional couch in a dark brown, leather will make for a great addition to a home with more masculine nuances. This fits inside a large home office or the formal living room as well.

10. The Big Couch You’ll Love

big couch

Here’s another beautiful example of what an large, sectional sofa in a creamy neutral can do for your space. It fits nicely into this family room and is touched beautifully by all of the subtle, trendy accents. Thank you to Honey n Hydrangea for the idea! We’re in love with this big couch!

11. Modern Sectional Couch

Modern Sectional Couch

Apartment Therapy featured this gorgeous living room on their site and we scooped it up too. You can even find sectionals that have a personalized style to them. Like this gray beauty for example, those studs give it a punch of industrial, modern vibes. This modern sectional couch is certainly on our shortlist. 

12. U-Shaped Sectional for Every Living Room

U-Shaped Sectional for Every Living Room

Kelley Nan gives us a beautiful view of this spacious living room. It has a crisp, clean vision and it fits a family nicely without any fuss. Sometimes all you need is the right amount of space and some comfy, throw pillows to get the job done. And a beautiful U-shaped sectional, of course.

13. A Pop of Color – Oversized Couch 

A Pop of Color - Oversized Couch 

If you’re really lucky you’ll find a sectional with both unique styling (as in its color) and size. We got this gorgeous look from Baker and Storehouse and found it to be quite inspiring. Even a family home – with need for all the seating space – can be trendy with some bohemian flair!

14. U-Shaped Sectional in Leather

U-Shaped Sectional

If you’re looking for something really simple, then this leather piece from Wolf Furniture may be what you’re shopping for. It’s traditional, it’s comfy, and you can really style and personalize it to your liking. If you find this scene too dull, just add pops of colors to its surroundings! However, we find this oversized sectional to be just right as is. 

15. Modern L-Shaped Sectional

Modern L-Shaped Sectional

Even your ultra-modern home can have some extra-large seating arrangements, like this modern U-shaped sectional in beige. We’re loving this sharp and chic sectional sofa we found over at Home Designing. It fits in nicely with the rest of the room’s contemporary styling.

16. Blue L-Shaped Sectional

Blue L-Shaped Sectional

Over at Loaf, you’ll find this extra cozy and cushy blue L-shaped sectional. It’s so lush that we, personally, want to dive right in. It also looks gorgeous in an open living room, especially contrasted with chic and creamy whites.

17. Modern L-Shaped Couch

Modern L-Shaped Couch

A smaller sectional design, this white piece from Architecture Art Design is another great choice for those looking to spruce up and get their modern home feeling a bit cozier. Just because you want posh lines doesn’t mean you have to skimp on comfort for the family. Go with a sleek piece like this to keep the vision and function intact.

18. Oversized U-Shaped Sectional

Oversized U-Shaped Sectional

Pinterest, as usual, brought us vast amounts of great ideas and inspiration. This plush, taupe sofa is one of the best ways to get a jumpstart on easy, family home decorating. Extra large pieces can really make or a break a room.

19. U-Shaped Sectional in Leather

U-Shaped Sectional in Leather

Modern Euro Design offered up this stunning, modern design. Dipped in a gorgeous shade of orange, this will fit right into a more family-oriented space by creating a unique focal point. Or, it can be slipped right into an ultra-contemporary home easily as well.

20. Retro L-Shaped Sectional

And finally, for the most unique sectional sofa inspiration on the list then we ask you to visit Architectural Digest. This stunning, velvet masterpiece can be dressed up or dressed down while creating a gorgeous scene inside of your home. Contrast it with golds and creamy whites for the ultimate look.

Final Thoughts on Large Sectional Couches

We’ve dug quite a bit to find all these beautiful large sectional couches and we think we did a great job since we want most of these into our own homes. Of course, it’s something you’ll have to decide on your own, but at the very least we hope we’ve served as inspiration. We’re eager to hear back from you so you can tell us which of these were your favorite U-shaped sectionals or your favorite L-shaped sectionals, or better yet, which large sectional you loved most overall. 

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