That Time We Talked About Assisted Living

That Time We Talked About Making Knives, Swords and Tomahawks…Oh My!

That Time We Talked About Assisted Living


In this episode Craig and Kevin talk with Shawn Medlin, owner of Seasons Assisted Living.  While contemplating how to care for an aging family member, Shawn realized that there is a better way to provide assisted living and memory care for aging adults.  As you can imagine, choosing how to care for someone you love when they can no longer care of themselves is a tough decision.  There are a lot of factors you must consider.  Shawn helps us understand what may of those factors are, how you can start now working on a plan, and the types of things you should consider when choosing an assisted living facility.  Shawn has made it his goal to provide a wonderfully amazing assisted living concept that feels more like home and provides the best care available – including gourmet level food!  Difficult decisions like this are made easier when you have peace of mind that your loved one is given the best care available.  This episode will help you think through some things you need to consider when making this difficult life transition.



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