This $90,000 egg-shaped tiny home is powered by wind and solar energy and collects and filters its own water supply — see inside



  • Ecocapsule creates eponymous wind, battery, and solar powered tiny homes that can be placed on a trailer base for $89,632.

  • The tiny home can accommodate up to two people with its kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and dining room.

  • The homes are built in Slovakia but can be shipped worldwide.

  • Ecocapsule was designed to be environmentally friendly and won’t leave a carbon footprint while in use, according to its makers.

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Ecocapsule creates off-grid capable, wind and solar-powered tiny homes that can be placed on a trailer base for almost $90,000.

The tiny home was first designed by Nice Architects for a 2008 architecture and design competition. While the Ecocapsule didn’t win, the build was selected as one of the most interesting designs in the competition by, and its makers received enough positive feedback to encourage them to build the unit.

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