Some Great Small Bedroom Cupboard Designs

Some Great Small Bedroom Cupboard Designs

Whether you live in an apartment, studio, or other small dwelling, chances are you’ve run into some space problems when it comes to your bedroom. When the place you have to work with doesn’t have an abundance of space, you’ll need to get creative with how you use every square inch of space. Luckily, there are plenty of small bedroom cupboard designs that can help you maximize storage in any situation! Here are 8 incredible small bedroom cupboard designs to help you make the most of your storage potential…

1) Use Color and Imagination

When it comes to maximizing storage space, you need creativity. These incredible small bedroom cupboard designs will help you get the most out of your closet. The first idea is a great way to create an illusion of a larger space. Paint one wall in your room black and then hang clothes on racks against that wall.

Some people have a shoe fetish and need a place for all their shoes. We suggest putting all the shoes on shelves and displaying them with pride! Another suggestion is a lazy susan to make life easier when looking for items in your wardrobe. Consider installing lights so you can easily find what you’re looking for at night too. And if you’re short on floor space, consider building some more shelving into the walls or use a loft bed instead! That way you’ll still be able to store things under the bed. If you want something more dramatic than adding another shelf, try a mirrored closet door!

2) Get Creative with Space

In a small bedroom, you may not have much space for storage. That doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to store your things in creative ways. Whether it’s an ottoman or even a dresser turned on its side, these great ideas are perfect for tiny rooms!  You could also install a wall-mounted organizer or shelves on the back of the door. Get Inspired: One thing is certain when living in a tiny space: You’ll need inspiration and creativity to make everything work! These incredible small bedroom cupboard designs will show you some clever and affordable tricks that will help maximize your storage.


3) Make the Most of Every Inch

A bedroom is a private space for you and your partner, so it’s important to make it feel as cozy and comfortable as possible. One way to do this is by maximizing the storage options in the room. Here are incredible small bedroom cupboard designs that will help you do just that! Some homeowners often overlook the potential of their own closets. They can be used for more than just clothes – some homeowners also use them for storing toys or other belongings of their children who no longer live at home.

4) Multi-Purpose Furniture Pieces are Key

When designing small spaces, multi-purpose furniture pieces are key. It’s important that your furniture can serve more than one purpose, and in the case of the bedroom, it should be able to serve as a closet. Here are incredible small bedroom cupboard designs that will maximize storage while minimizing space. First on our list is this gorgeous multifunctional cabinet from Pottery Barn which doubles as a bench or even a nightstand. For those who have children, you can also make use of the cubbies for toy storage or let them store their books on the upper shelves. The cabinet door opens to reveal two separate compartments with plenty of room for clothes – all tucked away neatly out of sight!


5) Hang a Mirror in an Odd Spot

One way to make the most of your space is by hanging a mirror in an odd spot. Not only will it reflect light and make the room seem bigger, but you can also use it as an opportunity to create a feature wall. A blank wall opposite the bed could be used for that purpose. Alternatively, hang a large mirror on one side of the doorframe and place smaller ones elsewhere.

Mirrors are great for reflecting light around the room because they have mirrored surfaces that bounce any available light back into dark corners. If you need to see yourself before getting ready in the morning, a mirror with daylight savings time might be perfect. You might also want to put mirrors up where there are no windows so you don’t feel claustrophobic.

6) Play with Scale

A great way to maximize space in a small bedroom is by playing with scale. By utilizing this design technique, you can easily create the illusion of an expansive space without actually changing any dimensions. An easy way to do this is by using large furniture pieces such as beds and dressers and then supplementing them with smaller pieces such as nightstands or accent tables. You may also want to use contrasting colors for the larger furniture items (like white) and then use lighter shades for the smaller pieces (like beige). Use light-colored window treatments on one side of the room and dark ones on the other so that your eye isn’t drawn to that side of the room. Hang a large piece of art on one wall and make it your focal point so it looks like there’s more space than there really is. Play with angles: Try having some angles go up into the ceiling while others go outwards into the room. Position some tall items next to shorter ones so they balance each other out visually.

7) Add Accessories in Clever Ways

Take a look at these creative ways to add storage in your small bedroom.

1) Add some shelves on the inside or outside of your closet door. This is a great idea if you’re tight on space and have a large walk-in closet with no other storage options available. 2) Put up some hooks along the walls for jackets, purses, and scarves. Use hooks that are at eye level so that you can easily grab the item without having to bend down. 3) Store items like hats, gloves, socks, and tights together in baskets which will make them easy to find and keep everything organized. 4) Hang a rod from one wall to another and use it as an area for jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings. 5) Add decorative trays to dressers and nightstands for storing items like wallets, phones, chargers, and keys.

8) Keep it Simple, Sleek, and Minimalist

Many people underestimate the power of small spaces. There’s a tendency for those with bigger homes to feel sorry for those who live in smaller apartments or houses. But there are some good reasons why small spaces are actually advantageous. For starters, they require less cleaning, which means you don’t have as much upkeep. Plus, there are more space-saving designs that can help you maximize your storage space and make the most of your living area. Take a look at some of our favorite small bedroom cupboard designs below! Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors, styles, shapes, and materials; this will help you personalize your home so it reflects your personality. Remember: One person’s monstrosity is another person’s paradise!

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