Let’s Look Inside This Modern House by Simone Haag

Let's Look Inside This Modern House by Simone Haag

Let’s take a look inside this modern house full of beautiful details and a charming atmosphere. This is the Fenick House, a stylish home put together by by Simone Haag. Let’s peek inside!

It’s time to start a journey into the interior design world. For this expedition, we will step inside a modern house where warm tones and beautiful details rule the space, bringing calm and peaceful vibes. The starting point of our journey is the Fenwick House, where a great team of professionals worked to develop an incredible design that seemed out of a dream.

In the singular topography of Kew, Melbourne, Fenwick house extends its beauty by blending modern interior style and mid-century architecture. Teamwork between Edition Office, responsible for the architecture project, Fleck Studio, who signed the interior design, and Simone Haag and her team, who bring rhythm and charm by selecting the furniture, art objects, and rugs of this incredible space.

This modern house is beautiful and an excellent inspiration for those who want to design a warm and inviting home. We can take many inspirations from this home design, and that’s why we will see all the charming details that make this home stand out.

In the beautiful interior of the Fenwick house, besides all the charming details, Simone Haag chose the TAPIS Shaped #038 to bring even more comfy vibes to this stunning project. Let’s start our journey and discover more about this incredible modern house interior? Keep scrolling for charming inspirations.

The Concept

Nowadays, Fenwick is a stunning modern house, but initially, it was two homes created by Edition Office and Flack Studio. Celebrating mid-century modern architecture, the property has a beautiful fusion of landscape, architecture, and interior design. For our journey, we will focus on the interior of this charming home and all its beautiful details that make it so lovely.

The stylish of this home is signed by the top Australian interior designer Simone Haag, who brought rhyme and reason to the project and transformed it into a dream home. More than creating a beautiful scenario, the Australian interior designer focuses on bringing the client’s story to the home – where their personalities and personal tastes would be part of every home detail – from the furniture, lighting, artwork, and decorative items.

The concept of this layout was to bring modernity while also adding a meaningful narrative to the house because, as we all know, a home is about the sentiments it shares – and Fenwick is a beautiful example of it. Simone Haag transformed the concept into a stunning interior full of warmth and significant objects. In the next stop of our journey, we will step into this modern house interior and see how this concept was brought to life.

Inside the Fenwick House

Fenwick house is synonymous with beautiful; we can assure you that. At this stop of our journey, we will realize why.

Across four flours, this modern house breathes charm and peaceful vibes, thanks to the lovely interior design choices, which highlight a sophisticated interior with a vibrant color scheme, magnificent furnishings, and lovely artworks inspired by nature. Besides, Simone Haag also invested in contemporary rugs to add a layer of sophistication and comfort, improving the home’s peaceful and warm feeling and proving that every home can benefit from a stunning rug.

This beautiful modern house has a striking design, boosted by pastel tones, custom linens, and patterns that go from geometric to organic forms. In every room of this home, a charming rug highlights its choices while adding a touch of comfort and boldness.

Besides the beautiful TAPIS Shaped #038, Simone and her team of talented designers selected three iconic pieces from HOMMÉS Studio to be featured in the Fenwick House project: the Picasso center table, Malala chest of drawersLuminous table lamp.

All the home elements contribute to the peaceful vibes that this modern house generates. The interior also includes lacquered bright gold leaves, shimmering embellishments, and sparkling expressive accents that complete this natural and dreamlike scenario.

There is a charm in every spot of this modern house – from the beautiful pattern of clean and pastel hues to the balance of architecture, landscape, and beautiful interior choices. It’s a true inspiration to create stunning interiors, combining meanings and exquisite details. For the next journey stop, we will share some highlights that pop up to us while discovering this charming scenario.



Tis charming and unique design home by Simone Haag.


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