Infinitely Growing Your Business With Gratitude


It’s common for people to talk about practicing gratitude as part of your journey to success. But why do they say this, and what scientific basis (if any) is there for their claims?

Infinitely growing your business with gratitude is just a load of impractical, new-age, “woo-woo” nonsense … right?

If you have, like I did in the past, hit a wall with your growth, it can be hard to know where to turn. Getting over that threshold just requires too much of you. There’s no more that you can give in order to reach that critical mass of having financial freedom and the time to enjoy your success. It’s so frustrating, maddening and disappointing. I know, I get it. But spending time in that energy of what you “lack” isn’t going to help. In fact: It’s largely responsible for your stagnation.

Practicing gratitude is the key. But why?

Making internal adjustments in order to reframe your situation is the way forward, and practicing gratitude is the key. But why?

Gratitude is something that, to a lot of people, probably feels like a result. Something that comes in reaction to past events. Being grateful for a chosen outcome before it has happened, if you’re not used to it, can feel more than a bit “unorthodox.”

There’s no real reason why gratitude should be a passive emotion, though, not when you think about it. It’s only our collective agreements that dictate that expressions of gratitude come after something has happened for which we are grateful.


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