Huble Digital Group Expands European Enterprise With Bubblebridge Acquisition


Digital business consultancy Huble Digital Group acquired bubblebridge interactive GmbH, one of the top German HubSpot Solutions Partners. The company isbased in Munich, Germany which ultimately expands Huble’s European business, adding to the U.K., U.S., Germany, Singapore and South African entities.

In March 2020, HubSpot Elite Solutions Partner and HubSpot Diamond Solutions Partner merged to create Huble Digital Group. Joint Managing Directors of bubblebridge, Amy Dwyer and Anthony O’Connor, will join the Board of Huble Digital Group as Chief Solutions Officer and Chief Growth Officer, respectively. This new partnership with bubblebridge is estimated to increase revenue and growth for both companies in 2022.

“We are delighted to see some of our key partners joining together to establish truly international businesses that can better support our HubSpot customers around the world,” said HubSpot Chief Executive Yamini Rangan, in a statement. “Huble Digital sets a great example of how to organize and manage a growing international consulting business which is focused on supporting HubSpot customers, wherever they are. Congratulations to Huble and bubblebridge on this Partnership.”


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