How to Level a Concrete Floor

Concrete is the most durable, long-lasting, and waterproof material, but do you know how to level a concrete floor?

It might look difficult to level an irregular and uneven surface, and you will think about which tool is required to do the job.

You will be thinking that leveling a floor is a DIY task or a professional will be required to do it. This is the right place to get all this information.

This article will explain how to level a concrete floor, and you will be able to do it yourself instead of spending money by hiring a professional.

Tools and Materials Required

Leveling a Concrete Floor

Step 1. Protect Yourself

Before starting your work, wear safety glasses, masks, and gloves to protect yourself. Self-leveling job is a major project, and it would be better to hire a professional to do it.

safety glasses, masks, and gloves for leveling the concrete floor

However, you can DIY concrete floor leveling if you have the right tools.

Step 2. Determining Unevenness of Floor

You can feel the unevenness by walking on the floor. However, you can check the exact unevenness by a level. Place the level on the concrete floor by laying one end on the flat part and the other on the lowest area.

Straighten the level parallel to the floor surface so that the bubbles of the level come to its center. Now measure the distance between the floor and the bottom of the level.

Unevenness of concrete Floor

In this way, you will find the depth of this uneven area. An easy way to find the uneven area is by dropping tiny balls on the surface. The place where they roll is the uneven part of the surface.

Step 3. Preparing the Room

Empty the room from all the furniture and accessories placed on the floor so that you can work easily without any disturbance. If the room has baseboard on its walls, remove it with a metal scraper or knife.

Preparing the Room for leveling the Concrete floor

It is necessary because after leveling the floor, its height will increase. Using a scraper, remove debris from the surface like tiles or concrete chipping.

You have to clean the surface thoroughly by vacuuming or sweeping. To avoid the leveling mixture from seeping out, nail a piece of wood across the doorway.

Step 4. Filling the Cracks

Apply concrete sealer and filler directly to fill the large cracks on the surface. To fill the smaller crack, put the nozzle of the filler into the cracks and pour the material into it.

Filling the Concrete Cracks

Use a trowel to push the filler thoroughly into the cracks and make a compact surface.

Step 5. Grinding the Floor

To make a leveled concrete surface, find and mark the high and low areas of the floor. Move the grinder over all the high points to get a uniform surface.

Grinding the Concrete Floor

Step 6. Application of Concrete Primer

Make a thin paste of concrete primer and spread it over the entire surface with a soft broom for leveling the concrete floor. This is used to fill the cracks.

Application of Concrete Primer

There is another way of applying the primer. Pour it into the paint tray and apply a thin primer layer on the floor. Around 400 square feet of surface can be painted by one gallon of the compound.

Leave the primer for 24 hours to get a sticky finish.

Step 7. Application of Concrete Leveler

Applying a concrete leveler is the best option when the surface is extremely rough. Take a large bucket and mix a bag of concrete leveler with an electric drill with a mixing paddle.

Mix it until you get an even compound. Mixing only one bag at a time is better because it dries quickly. It takes around half an hour to dry and get hard.

Ask someone to help you mix the primer to fill the cracks on the surface.

Application of Concrete Leveler

Use a long-handled squeegee to spread the primer to the surface. This tool will apply the mixture evenly without pooling. Spread the mixture to all the corners and edges of the room.

Follow the instructions given on the label. Usually, the primer dries in four hours to walk on, but it completely dries after 24 hours.

After drying it completely, you can install any flooring over it. The above method works for garage floor leveling and for leveling the concrete floor to install laminate.

Safety Tips – Working with Concrete

Protect Your Skin

Working with wet concrete can cause a chemical burn, skin irritation, or eye damage. Burns made from cement are painful. You will not feel the pain for hours or days, but they are extremely serious.

You can protect your skin from serious irritation by wearing waterproof gloves, safety glasses, a mask, a shirt with long sleeves, long pants, and waterproof shoes.

Wash it quickly if the wet cement gets on your skin or eyes.

For the Protection of Your Head

While working with the wet concrete, wear a hard hat. Wearing a steel hat is not recommended because it can conduct electricity.

Protect Your Eyes

Avoid wearing contact lenses while working with cement. Wear durable glasses to protect your eyes from dust particles and toxic fumes.

Protect Your Ears

Always wear ear protection plugs made of glass fiber, foam, or wax cotton. Throw disposable ear plugs after using them once, and don’t use them again.

While working with concrete, take care of your ears because there is no cure for hearing loss.

Protect Your Back

Some people lift too much while working with concrete. This is extremely dangerous for your back and can create a serious problem for you. Always work with a straight back and bend your legs to work.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Procedure to Level an Uneven Concrete Floor?

Pour a bag of concrete leveler into a large bucket and mix it using an electric drill. Mix it until a uniform paste is achieved.

Now spread over the cleaned and ground surface. Make sure you have filled all the cracks before spreading the mixture.

Is There Any Easy Method to Level the Uneven Surface of the Concrete Floor?

The self-leveling compound is the easiest way used to level concrete floors. This material spreads on the surface like a thick liquid and dries within an hour. After hardening, it gives a perfectly smooth surface.

What is the Cost to Level the Concrete Floor?

The cost of leveling concrete floors comes between $500 – $1700. The rate to level 100 sq. ft. is around $180.

Is it Possible to Self-Level a Concrete Floor?

If your concrete floor is uneven for 5mm, you can use a self-leveling compound to level it.

How Much Area Can Be Leveled by A 50 lb Bag of Self-Leveler?

A 50lb bag of self-leveler can cover a 12 to 15 square feet area.

Final Thoughts

Get rid of irregular and uneven concrete floors by learning how to level a concrete floor. A self-leveling compound is best to get an even and smooth surface.

The method is simple, and you can do it yourself if you have all the tools and materials.

Before starting the process, fill all the cracks and if the surface is rough, grind it to make it smooth. Now clean the floor thoroughly and start your project.

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