How to Incorporate Design Trends of 2022 into your Bedroom


Our personal chill-out space, the bedroom is where we seek sanctuary. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be stimulating. And this year’s trends for statement headboards, smart blinds and bold stripes will certainly see to that.

Here, Sonno lists some of the more popular bedroom design trends for this year and beyond, and shows how you can bring them into your bedroom, easily and without spending lavish amounts of cash:

Sensational stripes

They’re been trending on our floors for quite a while now and now big bold stripes are about the hit the bedroom too. Upmarket paint company Farrow and Ball have a red and white bold striped ceiling, others have gone for more a ‘ticking’ stripe. Is the former the modern-day four poster bed? Certainly, it feels like you have a canopy, lying in bed, looking up at such a bold pattern.

Supersized headboards

Not just big, but huge, upholstered headboards are big news in bedrooms these days. Especially bedrooms which are lux or eye-catching enough to become a focal point for the room. A tall panelled and tufted headboard in a luxury silver crushed velvet adds a touch of glamorous to any bedroom. Edges can be rounded, while patterns can be bold and mixed.

A blue hue

Pantone’s pick for this year is a vibrant blue named Veri Peri, while Dulux’s Colour of the Year, is the far more demure and pastel-like bright skies. We love them both. The latter is a shade guaranteed to make us feel relaxed and soothed while in bed. The former is more stimulating. Regardless of the shade though, blue has been a popular shade for bedrooms for a couple of years now – and that’s definitely not going to be changing for a couple of years now, we’d have thought.

Sustainable bedding

A bit of a no-brainer considering all the panic over climate change in recent times, sustainable bedding means buying covers made from the likes of TENCEL lyocell and bamboo. But it also means coveting covers made from organic natural materials, such as cotton, linen and wool too.

Recycled fabrics fit with this trend too. Bedding manufacturers should take note of a recent US study of 1000 people where 96 per cent of under 30’s said sustainable bedding was very important to them. It’s possible to check if your covers are sustainable by checking the label for certification from organisations such as the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and Fair Trade.

Smart furniture

Another entry that you probably expected to find in our list, smart furniture (ie gadgets that allow us to perform a number of functions while still in bed) hasn’t stopped at the bedroom door. Quite the opposite. The latest of which is the electrical blind which works via remote control (so we don’t’ even need to get out of bed to see what the weather’s like).

Other smart bedroom technology includes rising televisions at the press of a button and digital art frames where the picture changes every minute or two.

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