How To Choose The Right Lampshade For Your Home


Picking a lampshade for your home can seem easy enough, but it is not. Doing so requires considerations of its type, scale, translucency, and support. Keeping all these in mind to ensure the lampshade fits the space and occasion, compliments the space without overwhelming it, and draws enough attention without being a distraction. Follow the tips below to find lampshades that are right for your home.

Check and Measure The Lamp Base

The first thing to do when choosing a lampshade is to look at the lamp and its base. The shape and size of the base are key determinants when picking a lampshade. If you have a round base, it would be better to go with a round lampshade. If it has an angular or square silhouette, it will look better with a square shade. You might also opt for round Ikat lampshades with this option but ensure that the sides are angled for a better silhouette.

There are some exceptions to this rule though because candlestick lamps and lamps with unique shapes, angles, and curves go with any lamp shade. Do a comparison in the shop or online to ensure the lampshade will be a good fit.

Also, a square lamp that is to be placed on a round table is best served by a round lampshade.

Measure The Lamp’s Height

The next thing you need to do is ensure the height proportions are right. The general rule is that the lampshade should be about 40% of the total height of the lamp base and the stand should be about 60% of the height. Keeping this proportion is key because a lampshade that is too tall will make the lamp look top-heavy and a short one will cause it to look off balance.

Although you can measure the lampshade after buying it, you do not have to do this when buying Ikat lampshades UK because you can get the measurements on the website. All you need to do is visit a site like, check out the different pleated silk lampshades on sale, pick one, and check its details for the dimensions.

To get the right lampshade width, take the width of the base and multiply it by two. Ensure the lampshade is at least an inch wider than the base on all sizes.

Remember to keep the location in mind. If you are installing a gathered lampshade near a bed or areas with high traffic, you might want to go with a narrower one to avoid people’s elbows.

Choosing The Material

Selecting the material comes down to how much light you want and the lamp’s purpose. IKAT pleated lampshades or those made of laminated cards and parchment paper are opaque. This means they project light outwards instead of sideways. This makes them great for highlighting decor.

Those made of paper, sheer fabric, or similar materials let a lot of light through their side. This makes them great for reading or adding some ambient light into a space.


Choosing the right lampshade can transform your home, but you need to take care that you end up with the best ones for your home. Keep the considerations above in mind when shopping for one and you should be able to do this.

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