Good home design equals a good vibe

Pulin Shah, a Mumbai-based interior designer is driven by his passion for luxury interiors and lifestyle. Extravagant pieces of art, decorative lights, unique furnishings, and fine detailing add to his signature style.

With over two decades of experience, Pulin has mastered the art of design and creativity. After a decade of appreciable work, many accolades, and experiences at M/S Talati and Panthaky Associated Pvt Ltd, he then joined Kiran Shetty Design Studio, as an Associate Partner. In his tenure, he transformed innumerable residential and commercial spaces across India, into spectacular visual delights that came effortlessly to him. Today, Pulin is a well-known design architect and the founder of his interior and architectural design firm, ‘Kal Designs’.

“A good design has a vibe! As an Interior Designer, I am looking forward to designing opulent homes, offices, cafes, hotels, and educational institutes not just in India, but abroad as well. A few cities having great potential for interior designing are Delhi, Bhubaneswar, Ahmedabad, Indore, and Bengaluru. Opening my own Design Studio in Kolkata is also something which is on my cards,” said Pulin.

Pulin’s projects vary from luxurious and contemporary residences and commercial spaces like experience studios, cafes, and restaurants, all unique and different from each other, yet all true to his design aesthetics that capture the essence of grandeur and luxury which has an international touch.

Pulin has studied in Mumbai and has completed his Interior Designing Diploma from the well known LS Raheja School of Architecture. He was also the Director of his Company, ‘Crystal Marble Pvt Ltd’ which imported marbles from overseas, especially Italy and Spain. He has a team of skilled designers who are equally passionate, dedicated, and self-driven. Under his guidance and direction and Alpa’s administration and coordination, the team continuously adds to the success and growth of Kal Designs.

Some of the well-known projects designed by Pulin are: Ramoji Rao’s Residence in the Film City, Chaudhary’s Residence (Anmol Biscuits), Whoopee Kid’s Entertainment, Shreeji Jewellery Factory Space of Pravin. Some of the flagship projects as a design architect are: The Project Cafe, Goa, a theme-based boutique resort in which he designed one of the villas called “The Eccentric” and AV Guru, an audio-video experience Studio in Mumbai, Worli.

Though Pulin has done splendid work across India, Kolkata has been his favourite city. With a loyal tribe of admiring clients and a plethora of opportunities for doing up residences on a large scale, he looks forward to more challenging and new interior and architectural projects in Kolkata. He is currently working on various projects in Mumbai, Kolkata, and Varanasi.