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It’s that time of year again – holiday shopping begins. I always promise myself I’ll get all my holiday shopping done by end of November (so I can enjoy the holiday fun in December) so it’s total crunch time for me. Coming up with thoughtful ideas can be a challenge so it’s the perfect time for this year’s edition of Favorite Things!

Thanks to Melissa of 320 Sycamore for inviting me to play along with some wonderful company.

Without further ado, here are my Favorite Things for 2019 Gifts in no particular order.

1. Embossing Label Maker Yes this is that old school clickity-clackety one you might remember from your childhood. I treated myself to one earlier this year and I am labeling EVERYTHING. The best $10 bucks I spent this year, hands down. No batteries, charging cables or downloads – just load in the labels and get to embossing. It’s so much fun. Perfect for the organizer (or the wanna be organizer) in your life. Get one for yourself too!

2. Faux Fur Collar Glow up your look and keep cozy warm at the same time. This faux fur collar will take your plain old wool coat to the next level. Comes in lots of fun colors too and is steal.

3. Cordless Vacuum Ok so this one is a splurge but think of how much more enjoyable vacuuming will be without having to run around plugging and unplugging. Ok so this is more of a “gift to yourself” type of thing but sometimes those are the best kind!

4. Tiered Tray Trust me on this one, everything looks better on a tray. Just fill it up with whatever you need for your holiday buffets and your guests will ooh and ahh at your decorative prowess. This is also a fun way to gift baked goods as a great hostess gift. Just grab some sweets at your local market and throw a bow on this tray to win guest of the year. If you aren’t a tiered tray kind of a person, a great wooden bowl or cutting board also does the trick.

5. Thermal Carafes Ok so this isn’t the sexiest gift but if you know someone who entertains a lot, they will love you for this! These things are magic. You put hot coffee in and it stays hot all day. Yes, ALL DAY! That might not seem like something you need but it’s so helpful to be able to make coffee (or tea or hot cocoa or hot apple cider, whatever) BEFORE guests arrive. It stays hot and doesn’t burn. This particular style is especially fun because you can write on the side with chalk to let everyone know what is inside and has that pretty farmhouse feel.

6. Wood Letter Board These are just fun little adds to your décor. In fairness I do love a good pun so maybe Im biased. I have a felt one as well but it gets a little linty so this wood only board is a better option. Its a fun gift for the person that has everyone.

That’s it! My favorites little gifts for the year. I hope I’ve sparked some inspiration. If you want more, pop over to some of the other bloggers’ playing along in the fun. Hop over at Fancy Farmgirls and Imparting Grace for more ideas.

disclosure: This post contains affiliate links which means I may receive a small commission for purchases made through these links but all opinions expressed are my own.

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