Cozy Vintage Modern Apartment with Handmade Touches in Istanbul — decor8

Cozy Vintage Modern Apartment with Handmade Touches in Istanbul — decor8

Holly: Why do you love interiors so much?

Ayda: You’re right, I love interior design, it’s my passion – it makes feel alive and happy. Interior design is beautiful and pleasing to the eye. I love to turn my place into something beautiful because it warms my heart and makes me happy. I love the feeling of being surrounded by beautiful things.

Holly: How would you describe your interior style?

Ayda: I tried to achieve harmony by mixing different concepts in my home. I can say that there is an eclectic style in the decoration of my house. I really love Scandinavian interior design which is warm wood tones and sepia hues which I believe are popular because they make a room feel sunny and bright without using overwhelming colors. In my home, it’s a very soft color palette of pastels balanced out with light-toned woods and lots of whites, creams, and tans. I think it looks simple, clean, very warm and relaxed. I also have little touches of mid-century style in my home, too. I love mixing vintage and new.

Holly: What do you like about mixing old and new?

Ayda: I love adding timeworn treasures and pieces that tell and story to a modern home, I think it is a great way to introduce my character. Only having new in your home can make it appear soulless, flat, and unimaginative. I don’t want my home to look like a sterile showroom or catalogue. I prefer mixing in vintage with new pieces, and in this way I can add some personality and character.

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