Business Leaders for Mich. backs earned income tax credit, reformed term limits


Business Leaders for Michigan is voicing support for reformed term limits and increasing the earned income tax credit in its new strategy seeking to position Michigan as a top 10 state.

The “Compete to Win” plan identifies a number of priorities the state’s business roundtable has identified as areas of improvement to help Michigan grow its economy and become a place where more people want to do business. It’s ranked at No. 29, according to the group’s benchmarking study released earlier this year. The recommendations include efforts around education to removing barriers to enter the workforce to improving infrastructure. The report seeks to influence campaign-trail discussions.

Jeff Donofrio is CEO of Business Leaders for Michigan.

The organization’s board also has voted to support a ballot initiative Michigan voters will consider on Nov. 8 that would amend the state’s constitution by reforming term limits for lawmakers and increasing financial disclosure requirements in Lansing.

Legislators currently can serve three two-year terms in the state House and two four-year terms in the Senate, a cap imposed to limit the influence of lobbyists and special interests. The new proposal would limit the time of service to 12 years between the two chambers, but allow that time to be spent in a single chamber if desired. So a lawmaker could serve up to six terms in the House or three terms in the Senate or a mixture of terms between the two chambers adding up to 12 years.


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