Boost B2B ECommerce Experience With These 5 Powerful Tips


In today’s fast-paced world it is imperative to get things done instantly. For that, we have many digital platforms that allow us to execute our tasks right on time. Automated systems for eCommerce websites keep them ready at our disposal; thus, our problems are solved and the world is a much happier place. 

However, the most common mistake people make would be – whenever they hear the word ‘eCommerce’ their mind automatically drifts toward the various platforms from which they can purchase goods they require like; eBay, Best Buy, Amazon, AliExpress, or any other B2C platforms. But another important sector; the B2B eCommerce is often overlooked and it doesn’t get the same level of attention as B2C. 

With B2C hitting all levels of success it has left B2B eCommerce websites behind miserably. This has made the B2B buyers demand better customer experience, services, sales, and satisfaction – a complete package! For this, B2B has to step its game up and take a page from the book of strategies by the B2Cs out there. 

Tips and Tricks to Enhance B2B eCommerce Experience on Your Website

If you are looking to improve your website, look no further. Use these top tips and tricks to improve your B2B eCommerce experience to be exactly what you need!

Tips and Tricks to Enhance Your B2B eCommerce Experience 

  • Personalization Over Everything
  • ‘My Phone Does Everything for Me’; Are You Mobile-Friendly?
  • Keep Improving Your Checkout Process till It’s Perfect 
  • Have No Fear, Your Chatbots Are Here! 
  • Keep Educational Content as A Top Priority

1. Personalization Over Everything

Today, maintaining a successful online presence means bringing an exclusive personalized experience to your customers.

The fact that everyone thinks all of these options are restricted only to B2C consumers is where we go wrong. Arguably, the best B2B eCommerce solution to the most commonly asked question; “How to Improve online sales for your website” would be to embed elements of personalization into it.

The key is to incorporate a bit of a personalized essence within your B2B website to see a significant improvement in the overall vibe of the website. This can be done simply by adding certain things that are available just to them; a dashboard, prices, deals, and offers that are exclusively for them. 

Customers want to feel valued and that they mean more to you than just a source of your income. The more real the bond is between you and your customer, the more likely they will return much more frequently and they might even bring a party with them the next time they do!

2. ‘My Phone Does Everything for Me’; Are You Mobile-Friendly?

If you are still living in ancient times where being the master of computers was actually a thing; then it might be about time you reconsidered. For an eCommerce website to survive in these times, you need to be both mobile and desktop-friendly if you want to win the game.

Undoubtedly a vast majority of your visitors will decide whether or not to further recommend your website judging by their experience with the mobile version of your site. According to statistics, over 50 per cent of the B2B search queries in 2017 were made from mobile devices. And this is expected to cross 70 per cent in 2022. Similarly, B2B companies tracked 40 per cent of their revenue back to mobile traffic and influence. 

The more comfortable it is for your customers to find information on your website is one bonus, but displaying information that is easily translated amongst all devices (Mobile, Tablet, Desktop) – is another. 

Not to forget; Google prioritizes mobile-friendliness whilst ranking websites. This means if you’ve been working hard all this time to make your way to the top but still can’t quite get there – this may be the one thing you’ve been lacking all along!

‘My Phone Does Everything for Me’; Are You Mobile-Friendly?

3. Keep Improving Your Checkout Process till It is Perfect 

If you believe ‘simplicity is key’ – this might be the approach that you need to try in terms of the checkout structure of your website. As the worst imaginable thing to happen to an eCommerce site would be Cart abandonment, this is the first step to reducing the chances of it.

A lean, neat, and clean store design paired with a decent checkout structure makes your buyers feel at ease to search for a product, add it to their cart, and checkout without going in circles or jumping through hoops for it. 

Lastly, add a simple order form and a wide range of payment options like PayPal, Payoneer, and a great selection of credit cards, etc. This will increase your eCommerce conversion rate and reduce the chances of cart abandonment. 

4. Have No Fear, Your Chatbots Are Here! 

If you feel that suddenly your workload has doubled and you don’t have the time of day to cover the bare minimum then you might want to broaden your vision and explore the other helping hands you could have! This would be yet another feature that would benefit your site and help reduce the chances of cart abandonment up to around 50 per cent if done right!

Chatbots are the invisible ‘helping hands’ that can make your life much easier. They are extremely useful for businesses especially if you have to manage everything on your own and don’t have the time or resources to grab more people to do it for you. 

Their basic functions are to cross-promote products, and most importantly – respond to your on-site visitors to help them with their queries and concerns 24/7! If you are worried about how to manage the front-end and the back-end all by yourself, then adding a few chatbots to your site is the best way to get some load off your back. 

 Web Design companies can help your custom design your website by adding chatbots, payment gateways, highlighting products, and providing a seamless, personalized experience to the customers.

5. Keep Educational Content as A Top Priority

It all starts with a simple Google search on one fine sunny day. That is where most buyers start their journey, and the only way to grab their attention is through your content.

Even though the main goal of every B2B eCommerce website is to generate a hefty revenue, there is one other goal that often isn’t – but should be a major goal. That is to provide your users with informative content. 

Regardless of whether or not they make a purchase, they should always feel like visiting your site is “time well spent”. Customers have a more positive outlook on a business if they received value and education of some kind and that too, for free! 

It is simple. The content should be clear and concise, and easily readable to anyone that visits. This can be done with the help of headlines, titles, short paragraphs/sentences, etc.

Keep Educational Content as A Top Priority

Final Words

There are many B2B eCommerce solutions out there, it is imperative for you to find which one of them will do the trick for you and stick to those.

The only thing you need to keep in mind while deciding is that B2B buyers are a different class of clients. They are more demanding, and this makes them head out on a hunt for alternatives all the time. 

What you need to do is make sure they never find a reason to look elsewhere! Focus on improving your website to the maximum to satisfy your B2B buyers’ demands and remember that it might be a risk, but it’s worth every bit of it if you do it right! 

The strategies listed above are some tricks we hope will work out for you to increase your B2B eCommerce sales, and that too with exceptional success.

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