Shopping in Florence: Where to Go and What to Buy

Milan is not the only fashion hub in Italy and if you want to spend the majority of your stay hitting the shops when you rent a holiday villa in Italy, Florence is a great base. Indeed, the city is almost as famous for its boutiques as its art galleries. From markets to designer stores, there’s something for everyone on the streets of this villas in bangalore city, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself weighed down with goods when you return to your luxury villa in Tuscany at the end of the day.

For our guide to the best places to shop, read on. Designer labels Italy has provided the fashion world with some of its most famous labels, like Gucci, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana and Roberto Cavalli, so it’s only right they all receive fair representation in Florence. Luckily, as you’ll quickly discover during your visit, you don’t have to look far to find a designer boutique stocking one of these luxury brands, with Via de’ Tornabuoni the first place to start.

However, you don’t have to break the bank to return home with a label or two, as there are bargains to be had if you know where to look. Around 45 minutes outside Florence you will find The Mall in Leccio, which is a great outlet centre where you can buy both classic goods and items from last season’s collections at a reduced rate. Don’t buy products featuring a designer’s brand from a street vendor if you know them to be counterfeit, though, as this is illegal here.

Markets Visiting a market is the best way to find souvenirs and gifts for friends and family back home, and Florence has several to choose from. San Lorenzo Market is a great option and it sells beautiful items you will treasure, like silk scarves and leather gloves. The city is famous for its leather goods, so this is a good place to buy handbags, jackets and other accessories made from the material. You won’t have to look far either, as just as the streets of Bruges are filled with shops selling lace, so too are the roads of this European city packed with stores stocking leather.

Vintage If you want an insider’s tip on where to shop, head for Pitti Vintage. This store has been featured in Italian Vogue and stocks everything from designer cocktail dresses from years gone by to beautiful retro hats and handbags. You may spend a while here browsing the rails, but you could come away with a real gem to add to your wardrobe back home.