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Earlier I’ve discussed & listed the best small camper van interior ideas for you. Thanks for your response, you guys asked more about campervan decoration ideas, and that too with the best pictures. Guess what? Be it a normal decoration or wrapping, I’ve researched and gathered ideas for all kinds of campers & motorhomes.

People documenting their adventures, being out on beaches or mountains, must be aware of the wonders of #vanlife. It is not a part of life but more of a lifestyle. So far, you are enjoying camping, and as per my experience, you probably want to customize different items to make your sprinter or any other camper look promising for your next trip.

Surprisingly, decorating a camper will not cost you a fortune. There are different layouts, accessories for interior/exterior, and materials to experiment with. Before we find décor ideas, let’s understand other related terms!

Why Should I Decorate My Van?

Well, this is a fair question. Why look for ideas and decorate your van instead of having a van that is already good-to-go?” Below are two options to understand for beginners:

  • Nonregular traveler: If you are more of a business person and care about your peace, then to save your time, you can have a “good-to-go van.”
  • Fulltime or frequent RVer: You will enjoy most of the time traveling with your van. Eating, Sleeping, and camping are all you will do most of the time. Here, proper camper decoration and customization will help you adjust different requirements as per your travel needs and comfort. This will also add to a different kind of camping experience and make memories.

Decorating a van is a simple way of putting your emotions, which can be confusing at times. What if you look at the walls around you and feel more like a cozy home? Below is a list of some basic and dynamic ideas for decorating a camper that may feel like your next home.

  • Put your DIYs
  • Make it personalize
  • Mix all creative ideas to create something new
  • Check out other special requirements
  • Don’t forget vital things

How Do I Decorate My Van?

Moving on to the next question, and guess what? I have sorted this too. Designing a van doesn’t demand a lot. You need to list items that you can’t live without, some tools (mechanical/electrical gadgets), requirements, layout planning, and your imagination.

Bring your Van Design to life via Vanspace

It is your choice to design your van in your way. However, if you are a beginner, I’ve added free suggestions before you check the latest ideas for decorating a camper van. Let’s go!

1. Get Inspiration Online

You read that right. The design comes with inspiration, and you can get the same on YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, or by reading other design blogs. I recommend checking out Pinterest for latest arts and crafts ideas.

2. Pick Colour Scheme

You picked a style. Now it’s time to add color. Depending on your lifestyle and theme, you can go with different combinations – solid or different combinations.

In terms of solid, pick warm or pastel colors. However, for combinations, you can pick the below examples:

  • Warm-white: Walls, cabinets, counters
  • Dark brown: Ceiling, table, countertop
  • Light blue: Floor, cushions, & backsplash

Start with a primary color and use the left combination to highlight furniture, kitchen, etc.

3. Lighting

Time to give the final touch to your camper van. There is a big impact of lighting on your camper and camping adventure. You can pick a given set of light types to decorate and for other emergency use:

  • LED Puck Lights
  • Spot Reading Lights
  • Strip Lights
  • Fairy Lights

List of 12 Unique Campervan Decoration Ideas In 2022

1. Add Plants

To add a little bit of greenery inside your van, you can keep some small pots of plants there. Small pots not only look beautiful, but they also refresh the air for you and put your mind at ease. Select plants which doesn’t need much sunlight so they won’t wither during the journey. Keep little pots near your bed, kitchen, or reading area. These are apparently the best places to keep green plants.

Camping with kids
A lady inside her campervan enjoying with a kid (Image source @thervblogger)

The second idea is to hang pots on the wall if you manage to get enough space from the roof. You can also add some lights while hanging to make it go beautiful. Be fresh and enjoy the little beauties of nature

2. Add Fairy Lights

Different lights are used in many vans to make it bright or set it as per the mood. These lights add a twinkle effect to the van, which looks amazing at night.

Fairy lights fitted inside a campervan
Fairy lights fitted inside a campervan facing the river (Image source @boredpanda)

However, If one doesn’t install it properly, it can result in the breaking of lights. Fairy lights come in different colors, shapes, and sizes. You can buy according to our space and requirements. The most convenient way to install a fairy light is to have the battery operated’ lights, which provide a soothing radiance.

3. Window Decoration

If you have got a window in your camper van, then here is an idea to decorate that too. You can put a wooden or a plastic frame around your window to make it look better. If you have hand support around your window, you can keep your books or little green pots there. The other idea is to hang your DIY on the two sides of the window to give it a different view. These ideas will refresh your mood along with the beautiful scenery before your eyes when you are sitting in front of the window, bird watching.

4. Add Chalkboard

Chalkboard inside Campervan
Chalkboard inside Campervan

A chalkboard is again a moody idea, but many people like to scribble in their free time. Children love to play with chalks and boards. You can write, draw, scribble or leave notes for your loved ones if you have a chalkboard in your van. It works as a great reminder of your to-do list.

5. Add Kitchen Accessories

Kitchen accessories come in different styles, and you can style your kitchen in sync with your van decoration. If you are not going to cook outside, an indoor kitchen will work. You can add posters, different colors of tiles, different kinds of crockery, etc.

Campervan kitchen accessories ideas
Campervan kitchen accessories where a lady is preparing breakfast (Image source: @vanlifeturkeyy)

However, if you are a fan of cooking near river banks or mountains, then have a move-out kitchen to cook and enjoy the food with your family under the warm sun or the shining stars. An outside kitchen doesn’t offer a lot in decoration and style treatment.

6. Add Rugs

Boho campervan with rugs & a dog
Boho campervan with rugs & a dog

A beautiful and soft rug can complement your camper. It is another accessory you can choose to go on with your other furniture. If you are not putting chairs or any foldout furniture, rugs definitely add to your comfort as the van’s floor might not be that furnished.

7. Campervan Doors Use

The doors are undoubtedly very useful when it comes to saving space. They keep you safe and can also prove to be more useful if you put in a little effort. You can use the opening area like a deck and enjoy sitting there with the outside view.

Campervan doors use for storage and kitchen items
Campervan doors use for storage and kitchen items

In addition, you can make little shelves on your doors inside and keep some of your belongings there. Also, if you don’t find a nice place to put your projector or the setting doesn’t allow you to have a projector, you can adjust it with the gate, too; it will help you save space and have a different setting. Moreover, it will help you build more van kitchen ideas.

8. Platform Bed

When it comes to bed, it is very important to think about what is right as your need, dimensions, and other requirements that sync with camping.

Cozy Campervan platform bed
Cozy Campervan platform bed

Having a platform bed lets you save a lot of space besides making you comfy. You can have a bed with drawers to keep your things there, or if you think most of your belongings won’t fit in the drawers, you can have the under space to fit your language and camping accessories without any second thought.

9. DIY Stuff

DIYs include many things that help you décor your van in different yet lovely ways. You can put your own made hangings on the walls, near the window or kitchen. You can also experiment with wax candles, as it offers a whole different kind of lighting in your van.

Campervan DIY decoration
Campervan DIY decoration

Choose the candles which come in enclosed glasses; safety is a must. Add different lights in various colors or a single color to enhance the vibes.

10. Add Small Accessories

Yes, being out on a journey is all about enjoying your personal space, but still, you wouldn’t want your devices to run out in the middle of a call or a message or a “battery low” flashing on your laptop’s screen while enjoying a movie.

Campervan accessories
Different Campervan accessories

To keep these little problems at bay, place a cute mobile holder to charge your mobiles & iPods inside the van. You can also look for other similar accessories for your camping journey.

11. Add Hand Paintings

Now, this is a very different idea, but surely hard to ignore. You can choose any wall for this activity, the walls near which you are supposed to spend your quality time, are the best walls to try this on.

Old campervan with bodo look
Old campervan with handmade paintings and other items

Put some colorful charts on the wall, cover your hands in paint, and put the imprints on the paper. This idea works great with the kids. Not only imprints, but if you are a pro, you can take it to another level with your painting skills. Give it all a totally different color.

12. Play With Posters

Posters Inside Campervan
Posters inside campervan

Many of you might be a big fan of movies, reading, singing, or other things. How about the idea of adding posters of quotes, imagery, idol, or your favorite stars to the wall? Sounds great, right? Use the space near your bed to execute this plan, you can make it as per any vibe, or you can go a step ahead and mix different themes to create a unique wall. Along with the posters, you can also add your memories as in your pictures.

Bring your Van Design to life via Vanspace


While reading the blogs, many people say, “the internet is floating with the best campervan decoration ideas; how do I choose the best out of that?” What to choose if you are not extra creative but still want your van to look good?

Don’t worry, I won’t leave you confused. Although, the above-discussed ideas are the shortlisted unique. If your mind is still wondering about what to do and what not, then I can again provide the handy and needed ideas so that you can pick the best out of the list.

  • Use the fairy lights: As discussed, lights are one of the most important items on the list. It can change the whole look of your campervan. In addition, a fairy light will keep your mood easy and your soul relax.
  • Don’t forget the charger lot or similar electric gadgets: Being out for a few days, you might not want to take calls, but surely you wouldn’t want your device dead in the middle of nowhere. So, make sure to get a charging bay in your van. Here, make sure that you pick the best and cutest stand or any fancy stuff to make it more appealing.
  • Adding pictures (posters, quotes, etc): This is one of the easiest ideas to make the van look creative and feel like your own.
  • Choosing the right bed: Choosing the wrong bed can add sparks to your troubles. Get the bed accordingly.
  • Kitchen accessories: You can manage the kitchen according to your need. Whether you want to dine in or take your culinary skills outside, the choice is all yours.

You can also explore different kinds of camper van design softwares to preview your design or decoration changes.


How can I make my camper cute?

Making a camper cute, cozy, or homely depends on decoration items and how you live – Minimal or normal. For example, I can make my camper super cozy by adding posters on walls, a few plants, adding good bed with cozy blankets, nice lights, and a projector.

How can I brighten my camper without paint?

You can add different vinyl wallpapers, self-adhesive flooring, polishing corners, furniture/wooden items, and choose different camper decoration accessories.


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